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I'm FruityKyuuubi but you can call me Kyu!

I am the Leader of FruityCosplayPro on youtube. Check us out sometime
My group was founded by me and my older twin sister BakanaChan.
But shes known as Bakana-tan here.
We both came up with Fruit as a signing and had the whole thing set up.
But it wasen't untill last year we finally made FruityCosplayers Real

Our Family Got bigger, and in some cases Smaller.
But were a great family of Four and hope to find more soon.

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FruityKyuubi - Corn - 11th February 2013

Cocky Fabric store

I heard great things from Hancock fabrics and I have to say. they didn't surprise me at all.
all I could find there was a hand full of matt colored fabrics among the behemoth sized selection of overly priced Quilts.
and for the first half hour the only thing they had were the inbetween corner stands Colored to the universal shades of Fairly priced Felt.
I only found The green for around the hat which was $8.00 a yard.
believe me, I think that pee stain will be there for a long time.

I also went to Walmart and cried over everything because they have the best prices EVER!!! I just got the grey for the coat and it was $1.50 a yard inwhich I got three! so if your about to say that I'm a crappy cosplayer, go ahead because I am a happy Crappy Cosplayer.


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