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previous expo's i've been / going to;

London MCM expo May 2011
London MCM expo October 2011
London MCM expo 2012 (maybe)

I love going expo because of the exciting cosplays i see everyone wear. some even inspired me to make my own. In my first expo i went as a reshiram gijinka (which wasn't very well-planned or even considered cosplay)

my reshiram cosplay; white knee high stockings, a white flowing dress and white flats. The key item was a very well spent reshiram plushie ^^ I've only been photographed once, but am still trying to search for the photographer.

my black louie cosplay; handmade black and white bunny ears (ears made of cartridge paper, masking tape, pipe cleaners, black fur, black acrylic paint and peel-off sticky back fabric). black louie promo grey jacket (self designed - can be found on my deviantart) a black hoodie with my own design on the back, a white t-shirt, black shorts and leggings with white furry leg warmers and flats, a long black tail with a white tip and possibly face paint.

my black louie inspiration came from one of my fist and most favourite games i used to play when i was 8 years old - bomberman fantasy race! (ps1 / psx platforms) black louie has always been my favourite, king terra is awesome and all, but i prefer to use louies more than terra's since they're faster.

i'll be cosplaying on october 29th! if you see me don't be afraid to take pictures if you want :)

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BlackLouie - Razgriz - 31st July 2012

WIP fail :(

was going to go to expo with the winged sleeves but the process didnt come out right so i ran out of time to make them and flopped horribly... thats why in the images you cant see them, but dont worry! i'll try to improve on this cosplay when i have enough money ;-;


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