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Bambi. - Wakka - 21st October 2013

Armour Times

This part had to be THE most tedious part. I love costume making but I really have no love for props and armour making. This may change in time but at this moment in time, I could think of a million different things that I could do.

Where to start.
The wrist armour is just made out of normal craft foam hence why it's VERY rough around the edges.

The pauldron/arm bits were made from worbla. This is the first time I've ever used this stuff and to be honest, it's great but I need a LOT of practice with it and you can see ^-^'

The necklace was some simple air dry clay. The gaunlets were made from leather/leatherette.

The blitzball took an entire day to make which was frustrating but I'm VERY happy with how it turned out.
I took a cheap float a way football and 10 pingpong sized polystyrene balls. I then cut the polystrene balls in half and glued them on with some super super glue (medium viscosity Cyanoacrylate). Be careful because this stuff is HELLA strong and will stick you to whatever you're gluing and it's near on impossible to get off! I was worried that the glue would melt the polystyrene but all was well. :)

We then smoothed the joins with caulk, sprayed with a couple of layers primer, then a layer of white spray acrylic. Finally the detailing. The blitzball was handpainted and took about 3-4 hours. It was painted with your standard cheap ass acrylics and then sealed with watered down PVA.


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