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I became interested in cosplay in 2002 from seeing photos online, and at that time had no idea of the existence of conventions in the UK. After making a bunch of costumes just for fun, I was interested enough in conventions, and also old enough to go one, by the time AmeCon 2004 came around. I think I can accurately say it’s been downhill since then!

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Angelphie - Mage - 14th March 2022

For the shoes, I deviated from the reference because I can't wear shoes without an ankle strap, and if I was doing my own thing anyway, I decided I wanted unicorn heels so I chose some high stilettos and shaped some worbla and foam as I'd done for the headpiece and made a spiral to slip over the heels. The swirls on the toes are also foam covered in worbla. The feathery shapes on the sides are two pieces of satin sandwiched around some felt that acts as interfacing. I used bondaweb to stick it all together then satin stitched the edges.


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