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I've been cosplaying just over a year!

My first cosplay was Fem!Thor and I wore it to my first con which was Lucky Con. Since then I have done a few more costumes but my favourite one is my Steampunk Harley Quinn because she is one of my favourite characters and I really like the costume.
I love props! I have made 3 Harley Quinn hammers, Thor's Mjolnir and a Captain America shield. I also own 2 custom painted Nerf guns, and other prop guns. I also have various other props like whoopee cushions. I am currently making a wonder woman spear and shield.

Cons I've been to:
Lucky Con -April 2013 -Fem!Thor
London MCM Expo -May 2013
Weekend at the Asylum -September 2013 -Steampunk Harley Quinn
J-Con -September 2013 -Steampunk Harley Quinn
Birmingham MCM Expo -November 2013 -Poison Ivy
Birmingham MCM Expo -March 2014 -Wonder Woman (Sat) & Cheerleader Harley Quinn (Sun)

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