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I first heard about cosplay in 2007, but I didn't actually start cosplaying until 2008 where I went to my first convention, Auchinawa.
Since then, I've made most of my cosplays myself. Most of them are either made from scratch or altered from other clothing. I enjoy making my own cosplays, however I will buy them if I have no time to make it due to Uni/work or I'm not sure how to make it. I'm definately no expert, but I enjoy learning new skills from each cosplay I make. My sewing skills improve slowly but surely! Overall I cosplay for fun! My love for cosplay continues to grow, I enjoy being able to portray characters and meet amazing people through this awesome hobby!

Events I've been to so far:
Auchinawa 2008
Auchinawa 2010
D-con 2011
MCM London Comic Con May 2011
Kitacon 2012
Doj-Con 2013
Ayacon 2013
Collectormania Glasgow 2013
MCM Scotland Comic Con 2013
Kitacon 2014
Glasgow Comic Con 2014
MCM Scotland Comic Con 2014
Auchinawa 2014
MCM London Comic Con May 2015
Kitacon 2015
MCM Scotland Comic Con 2015
Rai Con Spring 2016
Kitacon 2016
MCM Scotland Comic Con 2016
Rai Con Winter 2016
Rai Con Spring 2017
Kitacon 2017
MCM Scotland Comic Con 2017
Rai Con Winter 2017

Events I'm going to:
Rai Con Spring 2018
MCM Scotland Comic Con 2018
Rai Con Winter 2018

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Events attended: 16