Shallotte Elminus
Atelier Shallie

Cosplayer: Exelia

Status: Complete

Condition: Not Set

EGX - European Cosplay Gathering Solo 2017

Showcased 19th December 2016

This costume has not been worn at any events yet.

8th August 2016: Photoshoot 2! Now my broom is finished, I fixed some small details on the costume and did a little shoot with Arphrial! Here's one of the examples. From the last shoot I did, there's so much updated and I'm much happier with how the costume actually looks.

(Mostly done incase the broom gets damaged, I wanted at least SOME photos with it while it's still clean and kind of impressive >>)

15th July 2016: Broom - 7 It's done!! At last!

The last jobs on the broom were adding the ribbon with the painted trim wrapped around the brush, the cushion attached to that and adjusting the old feathers. The ribbon is made from the same fabric as a lot of Shallie (used mostly for trims and her cuffs) to match, painted by hand. The designs changed from one reference to the next so I went for the designs on the clearest reference; a red heart, a green leaf, a yellow 8-point asterisk and a brown 6-point asterisk. For my shoddy hand painting and shaky hands it turned out kind of cute.

The "cushion" is actually solid and is round, again it differs from each reference, so I went with what I preferred. It's made from the top of an air freshener (lol) that had the perfect shape, covered with faux leather, some worbla, cord and green cotton. It's a bit of a mishmash and I'm not totally happy with it, but it definitely looks the part and I can always change it later if it bugs me.

I also added more raffia to the broom, 1 more pack (4 bales were used total) just to give it more bulk and also to help support the bottom of the broom. The previous shape kept collapsing and damaged the tip, so I removed some of the old stuff, added a short wooden dowel inside for support and then covered it with more raffia. It now means that it can stand up on the ground better and is also better for posing with than a flat gross little broom.

Overall I'm pretty happy with it and just super relieved it's finally done - weeks of patience have finally paid off!! Hoping to do a small shoot with the updated costume soon.

8th July 2016: Broom - 6 Almost there!! The main body is done, all that's left is to replace the feathers at the bottom (the cat kind of.. uh.. killed the last ones), and to add the little wrap with the cushion on it. Yay!

The top was tricky, the extra little details are tough to see so I kind of made up some of this but I like how it's ended up. Some of the detail is in the painting, but it's mostly close to the references and I'm happy with it. It was basically impossible to paint though, because the whole shape - the handle and the swirl - were attached before paint even went near it, so it's been hard to work with!

The swirl is made from classic worbla, which needed to be primed with wood glue. The handle is made from black worbla, which disagrees with wood glue and was primed with mod podge instead. The swirl was covered with around 8 coats of glue and sanded between different layers to get a nice smooth finish. It's still not perfect, but it's as close as I can get it with the skills I have.. not very good with props.

The swirl was painted with white pearlescent paint by hand, then finished with a semi-transparent white spray paint and satin sealant. A long and messy process, but I like the result a lot. The handle was dry brushed with a dark silver and touched up with little bits of the pearlescent white just to blend it more evenly. During the painting the poor cat charm got damaged so I had to replace him and the row of beads too, which are now all made from matching sculpey!

It's far from perfect, but, it's not bad! I'm pretty happy with it. Once it's finished with the feathers and cushion I might add some more raffia to the brush, but otherwise it'll be done at last!

30th June 2016: Broom - 5 Broomery and fancery and oh what fun I've had with worbla. By fun I mean not fun, I mean lots of stress and confusion.

The top detail on Shallie's broom is a bit odd to find references for, and it changes from one to the next so I've kind of adapted it into something that looks good in person as well as fits the reference, so it's not 100% accurate but.. it'll have to do. The cone is slightly too wide and the panel underneath separating the stack and the cone is too narrow, but it looks better in person than having a wide bar all the way up. The details are done with foam and black worbla.

I also tried to make the swirl for the top - TRIED - 3 attempts all failed thanks to plasterzote and worbla not being friends, so I'm going to take another look at it tomorrow. Good thing is the shape works, I just need to get it to a stage where it doesn't fall to bits first!

28th June 2016: Broom - 4 Broom is steadily looking more like a broom! Hurrah!! This is around 50% done now, the next jobs are all pretty time consuming and more difficult than this was, but I'm pretty happy with it so far.

The stick has been painted brown, small job but done. It also has small silver panels at the top, made from black worbla, primed and then brushed with silver acrylic.

The brush has been added, wooo! It's a little small compared to the reference, but I like the size of it. The brush is built over a bird roosting pocket I bought (also made from raffia) which gives the rounded shape and more structure than just the raffia fibres. The individual pieces of raffia were then folded in half and glued to the stick above the pocket, tied with extra pieces and then trimmed to length. Some of the pieces are also glued to the roosting pocket to keep the shape nice and smooth.

The cloth over the brush is now fully lined with green suedette (same as Shallie's bag) and edged, handsewn closed and positioned on the brush. The feathers are glued to the brush itself, and are made up of red marabou trim, green marabou feathers and turquoise quills which are coloured by hand to gradient into dark blue at the bottom. I love how vibrant the colours are!

Finally, the cat charm at the top - this will be secured when the top of the broom is finished, but I made it already. The cat is made from black premo sculpey and connects with a ring to a row of black and clear beads. The clear beads are added for spacing as they just float on the reference, but I thought it looked nicer with clear beads than leaving gaps with knots!

27th June 2016: Broom - 3 This is the fabric for the little cloth that wraps around the brush. It's made from a heavy canvas cotton, gradient dyed to a darker brownish red though that's not terribly visible in the photograph..

The shape is rough at the moment, but a good starting shape before patterning the brush underneath. The shape will be refined once the brush is made and then finished with a suedette trim edge to clean it all up!

The kitties are painted with black acrylic using a little stencil, placed on the fabric freehand and then detailed with little white eyes. Considering I did it all by eye, I think it turned out quite nicely!

27th June 2016: Broom - 2 For the brush on the bottom of the broom I'm going to be making a foam shape and covering it with layers of raffia for a nice brushy look without using sticks or solid bristles.

The only raffia I could find locally was natural (undyed), so I dyed it myself using a few different methods.. a mix of acrylic ink and paint in hot water, then tea dye with hot water, and finally using leftover Terracotta Brown Dylon fabric dye.

Most of it was dyed in all 3 and is darkest, and some was only dyed with the Dylon, so there's a nice blend of colours rather than one flat shade across the broom.

24th June 2016: Broom - 1 Materials for my broom! Some of them at least. I still have a lot to go, but, here's the basics!

I have a hardwood dowel for the main handle and thinner pine dowel to hold the stacking pile. The stacker is for the five rings towards the top of the handle - this was the first thing I thought of!

The 'broom' at the bottom will be made from foam, painted, and covered in raffia. I plan to dye or paint some of it to add a bit of depth, the natural raffia is a bit too light. There are feathers that stick out from the broom too - these ones are just to bulk it out, the actual feathers I'll be using will be dyed by hand in 4 colours (red, green, cyan and blue).

The fabric at the bottom is a heavy canvas cotton, gradient dyed to a darker brownish red. Once it's cut and shaped it will have little black kitty faces painted all over it, trimmed with a suedette edging!

Still a lot to go - at the moment I'm drilling the dowels to fit each other (my poor hands..) but it should look good once it's fitted. Yay!

14th June 2016: AnimeCon! I wore Shallie on the Sunday of AnimeCon with my friend Lex at long last! I love how these costumes look together so so much and I'm so happy we wore them together. We did a small photoshoot at the event together too which I'm hoping to see soon!

Most of the tweaks I made to the costume paid off. I'm so happy I remade so many pieces because it wears so much nicer now!

There are only a few things I want to fix for the future;

- Hat needs longer braids - didn't have time to redo for AnimeCon
- Socks need elastic or glue - they kept slipping down
- Shoes need yellow strap adjusting - popper wasn't strong enough

I may be wearing her at SunnyCon this weekend, but after that I'll be fixing her up for EGX!

20th May 2016: Blouse - 2 I titled this "blouse" but this shows most of the costume, heh. But she's (pretty much) done!! Just some teeny sewing jobs on the jacket and she's ready to go!

While fixing the costume in time for AnimeCon I tweaked a few things on the costume, which you can see here. I adjusted the jacket hem so it's a little shorter and more fitted, and it looks and feels much more comfortable.

The collar was remade completely, and attaches to the jacket with snap fasteners. The bead trim is also attached with a hook and eye and is detachable if required. The pattern on the back is a little bigger than it should be on the back, but I think it looks better for the proportions of the costume.

You can't see it but the book is also attached here at the back so the belt is complete too. Yay!

20th May 2016: Blouse - 1 I used a bought shirt the first time I wore Shallie and hated it, even with darts it was horrid and badly fitted and gapped around the neck so I decided to make one myself!

I made this using Butterick 6070, which as patterns go is really ugly BUT was really easy to modify. The back has 2 darts, the front panels have a dart each and the sides have been tailored for a more comfortable fit. I also adjusted the collar so it overlaps and closes with a button. It also has sleeves but they're not pictured here...

The front closes with buttons but has a no-peep concealed band, so it's nice and clean! The top of the collar has a single decorative button. The bow hooks on to the front of the shirt so it's removable for washing!

5th May 2016: Shoes - 2 Here is an almost finished shoe. The cuff is still pinned and unfinished, but you get the idea!

There isn't meant to be fleece around the bottom but I thought it was cute so I left it as-is. Different references also show the yellow strip to have eyelets - but because the cuffs are narrower than they should be I've decided not to add them. The hearts secure on with two hook and eyes on the side so they're detachable.

The shoes also need straight stitch detailing, undecided whether I'll sew that or just draw it on. There's a lot of little inconsistencies to the references, but it's impossible for me to make these more accurate without physically making my own pair of shoes and.. yeah.. not gonna do that, else I'll probably go insane.

But yes! Shoes! Almost done! Once these bad lads are done, all that's left is to make a new blouse and eventually make her broom. Hurray!!

5th May 2016: Shoes - 1 One of the next things to fix is the shoes! The last time I wore Shallie I had plain unmodified shoes, and they looked fine, but I wanted to really improve them for next time. Thus I created the Frankenshoes. These poor babies have been made from 6 pairs of shoes in total, butchered for their fabric. RIP shoes

Here you can see the top cuffs in progress. This is as wide as I could make them sadly, and they're not 100% but they look okay. I cut the tongues out of two pairs of shoes to create the main fabric body, then used extra fabric from the sides for the loops. Sandwiched together with some of the short curly fleece from the hat and I have cuffs!

The loops and hearts were bought then modified with worbla. The hearts originally had loops for lacing which were filled in, covered in black worbla, smoothed then spray painted gold. The yellow stripe is made from the same fabric as the hat.

22nd April 2016: Book - 2 The book is done~! My little adventure into decoupage actually turned out quite nicely. Here it is with the belt and bag, which is has now been sewn on to. It's not functional (the strapping is sewn in place) but it looks the part for sure!

Most of the book was covered with red card for the body, then with off-white for the 'pages'. I drew straight lines with a pencil to create the fake paper effect with individual lines then smudged and sealed with a layer of mod podge.

The gold corners are black worbla primed with 2 layers of mod podge. I masked the rest of the book off and sprayed them with the same gold as everything else. The buckle/lock is made from layers of foam and regular worbla, primed with wood glue, smoothed and sprayed before being glued onto the strapping. The strapping is made from the same brown polyester blend fabric as before, with 2 layers of interfacing to keep it sturdy!

It secures onto the belt with 2 poppers but will also be secured onto the jacket because of the weight of the book. It sags a little at the moment but that will be fixed for AnimeCon!

20th April 2016: Book - 1 A small adventure into the world of decoupage for Shallie's book. Trying to find a nice red book for her belt was impossible so I'll just have to make one.

I got a small fold storage box from TK Maxx and covered it with mod podge and paper. It's my first time mod podging and I think I did it totally wrong, but the result seems to have worked! Some small bumps here and there, but no big nasty issues. The box is empty at the moment but it's nice to have some emergency storage if I need it!

The corners and 'lock' will be made from scraps of worbla, and the strapping will be made from the same brown trim I've used on the rest of the costume. Because it's made from a box it's really light, so it should be comfortable on the belt.

21st January 2016: Photoshoot! So even though the costume isn't 100% finished, myself and Felixize did a small shoot for Shallie on 17/01/2016 to really test the costume out. A few details need remaking and some adding, but I'm really happy with the result so far.

Now I have some photos and can see that the costume ACTUALLY LOOKS OKAY I'm going to take a little step back from Shallie and make some easy stuff, because this costume has been super tiring to work on so much. But she'll be finished soon!

15th January 2016: Bottles I'm hoping to do a shoot soon, so I nabbed these cute little bottles as props! Gotta have accessories!

15th January 2016: Bag & Belt - 6 Bag and belt basically done here - all that's left is to add the buckle & tip, and attach the book to the back. Yay!!

You can see the finished strap here too - the rings are glued together and then the fabric strip is woven through and fastened to the main strap with snap fasteners. Different references showed different ways the strap could 'close', so I went with the one I liked best, which is the seperate strap detail then an additional stud underneath. This bag/belt combination is the most inconsistent thing in references, so a lot of it has been personal preference for the smaller aspects, but I think it looks nice so far.

All that's left on Shallie now are the buckle/tip, collar panel, socks, shoes and her broom! That and lots of little handsewing jobs... sob.

15th January 2016: Bag & Belt - 5 The bag is finished here, yay! The belt is made from the same brown trim, with 5 eyelets hammered in place and with a functional buckle fastening. There are 10 eyelets down the back which correspond to eyelets on the belt, threaded into place with leather thonging. The strap I made earlier clips onto the bag on the sides and holds the whole thing up. Figuring out proportions and shapes for this thing to have enough support was tough!!

You can also see the little accessory bottles sewn to the belt here! They are glued into the little straps, then sewn to the belt by hand. Inside each bottle is a mix of coloured beads. I know they look flat in the art, but I thought this looked much more appropriate in person and this way they can move inside the bottles without using liquid!

15th January 2016: Bag & Belt - 4 The bag is made from a heavy olive green cotton canvas with a lovely thick weave, trimmed with the same brown polyester blend fabric from the jacket and belt, with a faux suede top panel. The gold embellishments are a lovely faux leather PVC and the whole thing is lined with a green swirl cotton.

This isn't the final pattern, it was tweaked and made longer in the body, but this is roughly how I made the bag. The little cutouts are folded and sewn to make the flat seam corners at the bottom of the bag seen in the artwork. It also helps give it body and shape!

11th January 2016: Gloves At long last these gloves are finished!! I thought they'd be much simpler than normal gloves since they're cut off fingerless, but... nope. I made these a total of 8 times before finally making this final pair.

The main glove is made from a soft orange jersey so it stretches and fits more comfortably to my hands. The red trim is the same kind of liquid satin as the bow, used at the top and cuff of the glove. The brown trim is acetate ribbon and the palm is made from suedette, so it is soft and comfortable but also thin enough to cover the palm without being too bulky.

The cuffs aren't 100% accurate - technically they're meant to have 7 stripes (mine have 6) and the stripes are wider than they're meant to be, but I wanted them to stand out more. The cuffs are also shorter than they should be but I made them shorter to help with proportions on my stubby arms haha.

Good thing is that they're proper comfy and I'm really happy with the result!

6th January 2016: Bag & Belt - 3 The belt with the buckle and tip attached, and with eyelets hammered too! The belt is shaping up nicely. It still has a LOT to go (little bottles, bag, book) but it's looking pretty sweet!

I still need to make the peg for the buckle here and finish sewing a lot of the little details on the strap, but progress is progress! Hoping to have the belt and bag finished pretty soon!

6th January 2016: Bag & Belt - 2 The huge belt needs something else... a huge buckle! (And a belt tip too). The belt is approx 3.5 inches wide, so they're pretty big!

I'm not good with props or physical pieces so these were hard to make. They are made from 4 layers of foam each, glued together with trimmed foam for the embossed details, then covered in worbla and primed with layers of wood glue. The gem on the buckle is cast from resin, dyed with vitrail and a little bit of mica for added sparkle!

The wood glue is applied in layers then once dry sanded with 400 grit sandpaper to get a super smooth surface. This is the same way I made my sword for Sakura and it worked well so I'm hoping it will work here too!

6th January 2016: Bag & Belt - 1 The bag and belt are together so I'm lumping them together for now.

The bag and strap are made from a heavy olive green cotton canvas with a lovely thick weave. The strap had to match and was trimmed with the same brown polyester blend fabric I used on the cuffs of the jacket, so everything matches. Thankfully it has some stretch to it, so using it for bias has been pretty simple (even if it does keep shifting)

The front detail with the rings on the strap will be sewn in place and finished with gold studs. I love adding these sorts of details, it makes it look much more official!

The belt is made from a orange/tan suedette, trimmed with the same brown polyester blend fabric. It is made in 2 layers and lined with some thin bag batting to give it extra body and help it hold the shape as it hangs off the hip.

You can also see the bow at the collar here, now remade!

6th January 2016: Costume Test Not finished obviously, but a rough test with the jacket, skirt, hat and wig! Pretty happy with how it looks so far considering a lot of the costume isn't even here.

The bow and blouse here aren't final - just thrown on for the test to see how it all looked.

6th January 2016: Hat - 3 The cords for the hat being dyed. They are made from Anchor Tapisserie Wool in two shades of yellow. They were dyed with a mix of IPA 70% and 4 different shades of copic marker ink, then touched up by hand and sewn into the hat.

6th January 2016: Hat - 2 The hat sewn with copic details for the green patterns on the flaps. The eyes on the top are fleece attached with bondaweb and the 'bracelet' around the ear is sewn in place to ensure it doesn't shift when moving. Since this photo I added a red bead to the bracelet to make it more accurate.

The cords are made from wool and dyed - see "Hat - 3"

You can also see the wig here. The wig is a Jaguar from Arda Wigs in Laurel Green, pretty much the closest colour I could find for Shallotte. I trimmed the front in layers to get her choppy fringe.

6th January 2016: Hat - 1 The pattern for the hat. Made from a lush fleece-lined jersey and fully lined with a soft-pile fleece suedette with braided wool tails.

The original pattern was made by using an old pair of underwear to get the holes on top of the head right and to have as few seams as possible. The two cones are semicircles pinned to make the ears. There are seams behind the flaps on the side of the head where the hat closes.

6th January 2016: Jacket - 2 Almost finished here! Fully lined here and trimmed with a brown suedette. The front of the jacket fastens with a hidden zipper and closes with poppers for extra security.

The pocket flaps are non functional and all of the buttons are just for decoration - no buttonholes are sewn to the costume. I did this to help keep the shape smooth, rather than pulling in places due to the nature of the fabric (it has a little stretch which would have adjusted with buttonholes).

The cuffs are made from a polyester blend and trimmed with the white lace. Around each cuff there are thin belts of the same suedette as the jacket's trim.

6th January 2016: Jacket - 1 Patterned from scratch from the dyed polycotton to match the design. I made some small artistic adjustments to it, mainly adding a seam under the bust to help create the form fitting shape the jacket has - otherwise it was a bit of a potato sack, heh.

The sleeves were also patterned custom and are wider towards the bottom to create the slouch.

6th January 2016: Accessories Some of the accessories/details for the jacket, hat and bag. The beads are from VJW Jewellery for the ear on the hat. The lace trim and patch are for the jacket and the rings/buckles are for the belt and bag.

6th January 2016: Patch The patch for the jacket was kindly made by Paper Cranes from a design I vectored - this is an image of the full digitally "embroidered" design. The final size is approx 8.5cm x 8.5cm.

6th January 2016: Skirt The skirt is made from an upholstery tartan but it's nice and light and soft. The print was pretty much perfect (if a little big) but definitely the closest I'd find without printing it myself.

The skirt was made without a pattern and measured individually. The inside is interfaced and each pleat is part sewn at the top of the skirt to help it sit correctly and keep it's rigid shape. The skirt can stand by itself, yay!

The edge was trimmed with gold ribbon and is finished with a concealed zipper.

6th January 2016: Fabrics Figured I'd start adding some entries into the journal cause there's a lot going on with Shallotte, so here goes!

I'm very picky with fabric so I dyed the blue for the jacket and for the lining. The original fabric was a brushed polycotton because I wanted a plush texture to the fabric and to replicate the soft look. There was lots of experimenting with hand and machine dyes in Ocean Blue and Bahama Blue (Dylon) but it finally worked. The tartan was a lucky find, it's upholstery fabric but light enough to be suitable for the skirt.

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No thanks - 23rd January 2016
In love with this! <3 Your work is always so clean and amazing!

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TheStarlightFairy - 24th January 2016
So cute and perfect <3 another wonderful cosplay!

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Amy-Lou - 13th March 2016
The details and thought that's gone into this is really impressive. I loved following your progress, fantastic costume :D