Seiren (Retired)
Vampire Knight

Cosplayer: Triforceofdragons

Status: Complete

Condition: Retired

28th October 2019: Seiren 2.0 After my planned cosplay fell through two days before the convention, I decided to redo my Seiren cosplay. For this version of her, I found a skirt that more closely matched the colour of the blazer, as well as using a pair of Scarecrow 'Love Bite' fangs. I also wore lilac contacts which, although comfortable, didn't work that well on my blue eyes. I think this is the last time I'll be doing Seiren - I may still use this cosplay for Rima and Yuki one day - but I had a lot of fun with this character!

25th November 2015: Wig Progress: It's Arrived! The wig came today, and it's pretty much perfect colour wise - it's quite a light silvery-grey in the light, but in the shade it goes a lot darker so I think it's perfect for her. I need to cut the fringe and maybe trim the length as it seems like it'll be a bit longer than a bob on me. But for something that only cost £1.50, it's pretty good quality. I just need to de-staticise it :L

5th November 2015: Wig Progress: Sourced and Ordered! I didn't realise just how hard it was to find a grey wig, until I needed one! I did consider buying a long one and just cutting it, but when I found this one on Ebay it just looked so perfect. The seller is digizone-uk (although they're based in Hong Kong...) and it was super cheap, under £5 including postage to the UK! Hopefully the quality will still be good >.<

In reference images, Seiren's hair colour varies from dark grey to slightly purple, but I went for a silvery-grey in the end. I think, when it's paired with the uniform, she'll be recognisable anyway xD