Clarke Griffin
The 100

Cosplayer: Rhavia

Variant: Season 2 Finale

Status: Complete

Condition: Not Set

25th September 2015: Gloves 1) Right: sewed belt roughly into position.
2) Left: fashioned belt into bracelet and glued together.
3) Both: Glued studs onto glove hand section.

24th September 2015: Jacket Progress 1) Removed sleeves, trimmed to shape and attached cotton panels.
3) Positioned and attached buckle across back.
4) Attached zip and buckle to front.
5) Tidied shoulders and attached belt section to left shoulder.
6) Attached craft foam and pleather to right and painted.
7) Attached buckle and belt piece together, then to jacket.

19th September 2015: Painted Gun Self-explanatory. Found some really cool paint.