Cosplayer: ToroSonyCat

Variant: Fancy

Status: Complete

Condition: Not Set

ALcon 2015

5th August 2015: Wig finished ok so I finished curling my Griffith wig and I'm really really happy with it like woah it turned out exactly how I imagine Griffith's hair ? I was worried it wouldn't work out but I couldn't find any with the right texture online so I gambled on a straight one and doing it myself and I'm sooo glad I did honestly it paid off

4th August 2015: Wig Put plaits into the wig and going to use the hot water method today to curl it. Hopefully it will work, I'm a little nervous about it!

24th July 2015: . Changed my mind to cosplay a fancier outfit of his. I was originally unsure about it due to the time constraints but I'm going to try my best.

InfiniteJester avatar

InfiniteJester - 24th July 2015
Can't wait to see this! Love Griffith!

Mr. Sat-Ash avatar

Mr. Sat-Ash - 29th July 2015
Griffith. Interesting choice. Though in fairness to your "no more crossplaying" rule, Griffith is a pretty damn feminine guy...

I look forward to seeing your take on him.

Prof. Fears avatar

Prof. Fears - 29th August 2015
Your Griffith game= fleek! Looking forward to seeing this! :D