Steven Universe

Cosplayer: Zomboi

Status: Complete

Condition: Not Set

20th September 2015: Pretty much done! Sticker on my face because I havent shaved off my beard or painted my face in these pictures! Just have to add a little tip to my boots and trial the face paint before the con at the weekend!

19th September 2015: Almost there Working on a body suit so I only have to paint my face for the costume :D

19th September 2015: Boots Re-lining the boots I bought to match my top and look better.

19th September 2015: Top Top done!

19th September 2015: Wig I'd like to have a longer wig to sit under these 2 but I don't have time to get one for MCM Scotland - later!

14th July 2015: Crystal Schnoz Smells like cosplay