Sailor Moon Super S

Cosplayer: Freyarule

Variant: Human gijinka

Status: Complete

Condition: Not Set

Best Group - Kita's Got Talent 2015, Best Performance - MCM October 2015, CosplayIsland Showcase 19th Sept 2019

Showcased 19th September 2019

29th May 2015: Wig and makeup test! I finished up the wig and today managed to get the makeup sorted! I experimented a bit and it paid off :) I got some new naturalish false eyelashes which go well and I will probably try and wear a lot more XD

Dem odangos! They are good unless you look up close and be like OHHH God nooo

Just need to find some nice shoes and Diana is done yay

28th May 2015: Wig WIP I came across an issue when trying on the wig - I originally bought a character wig cheaply from Ebay for a character that has a similar hair style to what I wanted - but cheap wigs from Ebay doesn't mean the best! When I tried it on it is a very tight fit. I've managed to adjust it a bit making it less POUNDING ON MY HEAD but I will be using a ton of hair grips to keep it on my head XDD;

It originally had pigtails, which I've cut off and will be using the loose fibres to shape round the heart shaped odangoes I made earlier from styrofoam - I'm currently in the process of that and it is frustrating as hell as loose fibres like to go everywhere sob

RIP fingers

Oh yes and I also curled two long bits at the front, I've taken them out of the curlers after leaving them in for a day (I blasted them with a hairdryer for about 2 minutes each beforehand) and they've come out wonderfully. And as you can see I used hairspray, my hairdryer and even my straighteners to create the iconic Sailor Moon bangs! It looks a little low on my wig head but bear in mind the wig head is smaller than mine (despite the fact my head is actually quite small hence this wig just managing to fit XD)

28th May 2015: Moon details After acquiring more trim I handsewn the trim to the moons' edges! I decided to handsew rather than machine sew as with everything sewn and heat n' bonded together it was awkward to maneuver through the machine, plus it was mostly SATIN which is HEAVY AND ANNOYING so handsewing was the best option :)
it's soo prettyy

28th May 2015: Dress 90% and collar Here's the dress before I added more trim to the moons - I used a fantasy gown pattern and it turned out pretty cute! The armholes and neckline is elasticated and gathered which is nice and I love the organza I used, even if it was annoying to sew!

Since taking the photos I cut down on the white bit at the bottom and hemmed it properly |D

You can also see the collar I made - I went with the red velvet ribbon and sewn a cat bell onto it! It kinda makes a noise when I move so you can listen out for me XD

11th May 2015: Crescent moons I made up some moons! They're moulded in Polymorph and then painted gold and sealed with glitter and glitter nail varnish :) One will be on my forehead and the other will be attached to my bodice. I was originally going to have it on a choker but then I decided to go with the red ribbon and cat bell route XD

Mr. Sat-Ash avatar

Mr. Sat-Ash - 31st May 2015
This is going to be so cute.

Amy-Lou avatar

Amy-Lou - 26th October 2015
Adorable! Great work getting the heart shapes to the odango.