Jem Walker
In the flesh

Cosplayer: lessthan3you

Variant: HVF

Status: Complete

Condition: Not Set

20th April 2015: Almost Finished! I have the coat/combat jacket, it looks quite worn so that's good.

Made the armband, it's not perfect and i'm trying to weather it but it'll do.

Vest and Jeans need to be weathered, and boots are alright.

Hair is good, just need a fringe cut.

Leaving the scarf and Jumper (to go over the vest) because of the heat, would be too much.

13th April 2015: Armband Started something for the armband, but I'm not entirely sure what I'm doing so I maaaaaaay ask for help from my sister, but undecided.
Going to try, at least.

7th April 2015: Few more things~ Mother is reminding my brother about the coat, hoping he has one or i'll just have to use an old shirt i have, for the time being.

Bought a red vest to go under the coat/shirt.

Found a scarf that is pretty close, not sure of the price yet so i'm going to go back and buy it another time.

31st March 2015: Update Hair has been dyed, so that's one thing I can tick off the list!
Found a scarf that is similar, more expensive but kinda more convenient.
And hopefully I can borrow my brothers old army uniform!!

MattyBoy avatar

MattyBoy - 15th April 2015
Looking forward to seeing this, I've not seen anyone cosplay anything from ITF before. Hopefully I'll run into you at Wales Comic Con on the day.