Demon King/Queen
Maoyuu Maou yuusha

Cosplayer: KishiCreative

Status: Complete

Condition: Not Set

2nd place / runner up best costume MCM Birmingham sunday masquerade

13th November 2015: More dress progress Testing the fit on the mannequin and making skirt adjustments

12th November 2015: Sleeve diamonds Sleeve diamond progress, done using a diamond patchwork method on the inside that I learned while working on a Howl jacket commission :)

12th November 2015: Horns! Horns! :) These were made with a foil core, adding a thin layer of polymer clay and sculpting the shape, then adding black worbla for strength over the hardened outside ~

11th November 2015: Bodice Progress Early stages of the bodice and trimmings ~

yami-no-neko avatar

yami-no-neko - 5th June 2016
wow you look amazing. That dress is so beautiful.