Toa Kopaka

Cosplayer: V_Ortenzi

Variant: Original/mixed design

Status: In Progress

Condition: Not Set

This costume has not been worn at any events yet.

11th January 2015: Journal 2 After finishing the first draft design of the outfit, I used it as the starting point for the second, adding in and taking away aspects that I did or didn't like. I've also taken some cues from the new 2015 design of Kopaka, mixing them in with the original for a nice, blended look.

It's still not the final look, but it's close. I really like it so far.

31st December 2014: Journal 1 Right now I'm in the earliest of the early planning stages and deciding on the look of everything. Kopaka is one of the earliest Bionicle sets (and coolest) which means that his design unfortunately doesn't have a whole lot of articulation. To adapt this for an actual human to wear, a lot needs to be done. To simply recreate the pieces on a bigger scale and have them hollowed out for wearing wouldn't be adequate.

Every single detail and body part has to be individually imagined in a new way, so that it can sit on the body as comfortably as possible, while still allowing for a full range of body movement and most importantly, being faithful to the original design. As such, I've chosen from the offset to mix Kopaka's original design with his newer 2015 updated design, as the newer one has a lot more articulation.

I'm still undecided on the final look at this point and am considering throwing in some more human/organic elements, but ultimately I want it to look as mechanical as possible.