Disgaea 2

Cosplayer: p-chan

Variant: thief

Status: Complete

Condition: Not Set

11th August 2009: jacket progress so i fainlly started the sleeve pattern. i didnt really plan this part very well, so each part of the pattern is a separate bit of material, and its being hand sewn. the image shows it pinned onto one arm, the only sew bits are teh circle at teh top and the cuff. messy hand sewing is messy. but yeah its alright for a first attempt =D
hope to finish it sometime tomorrow.

14th July 2009: jacket this is how its looking so far
got my tamiko demon ears on too ahah.

14th July 2009: sewing is hard. today me and mum are finally making the rest for this cosplay.
we made the bag first thinknig it would be easiest...yeah fail. so im only going to have one instead of two.

the jacket were jsut about to start.


2nd July 2009: DX they are totally different sizes LOL
but im not doing them again, i already did the left one twice.
aww i forgot to get a shot of them underneath, but ah well. i hope they dont fall apart ahah

1st July 2009: delay mum and dad took the week off from their works, and so they have been out everyday walking, so now sewing this week :(

but i just need to make tamiko's bags, hat and jacket and its done. and finish the feet, but i can do that anytime.

also its been FAR to hot to do anything. the heat makes me al drowsey and dopey DX

15th June 2009: collar i actually made this a while ago, but was too lazy to get a picture.
i originally got a collar from ebay cheap, but then realized it was nothing like ahah so i made this one myself

got a mans belt from poundland, then a large buckle from the market, and viola theif collar. it took me a while to decide how i would get it to fasten around my neck though. in the end i got soem ribbon attaced to teh back of the belt so i can tie it. the reason im holding it in the photo is coz i didnt want to tie it too much so ic ouldnt get it off haha

in other news, the person who was going to make the jacket has gone away for however long, leaving it in the hands of just me and mum. however gunstarvixen has come to the rescue and is sending me a pattern, and if all esle fails she said i could commission her to make it for me. shes so cool :)

29th May 2009: yay wig my wig arrived today, so i just had to try it on, you know, as you do.
but..all the photos i took make me look evil 0_0

24th May 2009: epic http://community.livejournal.com/fursuit/2512657.html
check it out, how to make furry feat, im going to see if i can use this for help in making the shoes for tamkio.
ijust need to find out where to buy the stuff :)

22nd May 2009: goggles nearly complete, just need to do the backing board type thing.
messy hair is messy. jeez.

21st May 2009: gots a weapon yesterday i went round town searching for a bow and arrow set and only found one which was £7 in toymaster.
then today not only do i find one right away, but its a set of TWO for £1.
i swear that wasnt there in poundland yesterday.
got some brown spraypaint too, so hopefully i can get them a nice brown colour, then im going to make pretty tail and an arrow head out of card

20th May 2009: hmmmmhhhmhmmmmm i thought i had everything worked out for this, what i need to do and buy etc.
but now looking back at images...i have made an error in what type of top she wears.
i origianlly thought she wore a boob tube, so in my fanart thats what i always draw, however it now seems to be more of a tshirt.
i will have to get bothe and see what works best.

KamikazePenguin avatar

KamikazePenguin - 20th May 2009
I love the Disgaea designs there so cute!
Good luck, can't wait to see it finished. (:

Littlegeeky avatar

Littlegeeky - 20th May 2009
Awesome hun, I can't wait to see this completed. You'll look so freaking cute ^--^ If you need any help gie me a bell (even though I fail at cosplay >.<)

nanahara avatar

nanahara - 16th June 2009
looking great with the progress

Unknown member avatar

Anonymous - 16th June 2009
looking goooood 83 really like the shoes/feet!

JakeX avatar

JakeX - 1st July 2009
Liking the progress :D

nanahara avatar

nanahara - 18th August 2009
you did great with this cosplay ^^