Terezi Pyrope

Cosplayer: Getsuga

Status: In Progress

Condition: Not Set

This costume has not been worn at any events yet.

13th February 2015: shoes Yup

20th December 2014: Glasses No way of buying them, sooooo... making them it is :/

11th October 2014: Just something For Omegle.. I need her glasses..

11th October 2014: Scalemate My friend made this as a birthday present! I named it 'OrangeSnout'

26th September 2014: Finished shirt So I fucked up on the transger paper, so I had to paint 3 layers with acrylics

26th September 2014: Shirt Earlier I bought some t-shirt transfer paper, and printed the libra sign on it. Too late to apply it on the shirt, I'll do it tomorrow after school.. XD

24th September 2014: Horns painted Just the first layer, I'll finish them tomorrow :3

22nd September 2014: Shaped Horns Managed to shape them to be a bit rounder. Now they're 14cm long and about 4.5cm in diameter. I also have some old newspaper that I'll use to glue on the foam, to then be able to easily paint them

18th September 2014: Shirt Bought a plain black shirt. Now I just have to find transfer paper and get to work!

18th September 2014: Horns I got some foam board from school (oh the perks of being a student in Graphics). I will shaoe them to be rounder, glue some newspaper on them, and then paint them :3
H3 H3 H3
They're 15 cm long, and don't know the diameter yet as they'll still be shaped

18th September 2014: Wig Excuse my ugly mug

Cosmic⋆Star avatar

Cosmic⋆Star - 23rd September 2014
Terezi is the best troll ^_^
Good luck with this, sure it will look great :)