Faris Scherwiz
Final Fantasy V

Cosplayer: Mungojerrie

Status: Complete

Condition: Not Set

7th October 2014: Arm Guards Started making the arm guards today finally after getting a rare day off from work :') I bought some worbla during the Coscraft restock and it was the first time that I've experimented with it. I'm already converted and I haven't even finished them yet haha! So far I've shaped them and gave them one coat of paint. They're due for a respray tomorrow, then I just need to add the white strips and some straps to keep them in place.

24th September 2014: Wig arrived It's totally the wrong colour from the listing! Knew it was too good to be true. Currently searching down a replacement or sending it back for a different colour. A bit gutted really as I'm running out of time before Play Expo hits in October!

Also bought some nude leggings so I can follow the design that I originally planned on. I think it'll look better with the dress but I'm a bit self conscious to not wear anything underneath.

12th September 2014: Wig bought Bought the wig for Faris today! She's got such an awkward hair colour that I've been spending ages trying to find the right one. In the end I've settled for a dark purple. Even though her sprite is more pink, the pinks and purples are far too light so I've just had to settle in the end.