Fleet Girls Collection KanColle

Cosplayer: Ranma1-2

Variant: Tone class heavy cruiser

Status: In Progress

Condition: Not Set

7th October 2014: centre panel now sewn in Front centre panel now finished and sewn in place. I have also put in a long zipper up the front, making the costume like a coat dress, for ease of getting the costume on and off.
The line detail on the centre panel is embroidered using just straight running stitch on the sewing machine.

poor pic quality courtesy of energy saving lights!

21st August 2014: stage 1 complete I have successfully removed all the embroidered badges using the trusty seam ripper and patience. Ribbon is removed too. Next step I need to find some orangy brown fabric to make the centre stripe down the front of the dress. Now seems a good time to introduce a zipper down the front too since this dress is going to be tailored to a tight figure hugging fit..

16th August 2014: Base dress I am taking this 'Army girl' fancy dress to use for the Base. Needs some modifying. First to go is the Pink ribbon!

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Kitka - 17th August 2014
I have a good feeling about this :)