Ball Outfit

Cosplayer: delusional

Status: Complete

Condition: Not Set

11th August 2014: Top! So, I was faffing in my wardrobe for inspiration, and found an old military shirt which I think works quite well! it's got a high collar and lace and shit, so I'm going to cut & sew it into a V-neck and remove the lace. There's a button missing at the bottom, but when I remove the top few fasteners I can nick one of the ones from there.

Feels like I'm cheating a huge amount here, but why sew something I already have!

11th August 2014: New boots, test run & wig decided So eventually I decided the black boots were way too harsh, and managed to find some nice brown ones in the sale - so picked them up! Put simple decorations on the heel, as I think I have enough bling everywhere else on this costume.

Did a test run of the main bits together (top was a placeholder, I think it looks cool but the common consensus is that it's really not smart! Update on top in the next post…

Everything vaguely fits together okay, just need to sort out something to keep the belt in place on the the trousers.

I wanted a short wig to not have to deal with tangles and such, and found my old Shin wig - fits in with the colour scheme!

Left to do - cuffs on jacket, gloves/arm wraps/whatever I decide, top and any other random bling.

14th July 2014: Shoulder detail Angle is a bit odd, but here's the shoulder detail with various bling made out of ribbon, buttons, spare metal ring and beads. I think I might sew the braid down that's threaded through the rivets to make sure it always sits flat.

14th July 2014: Jacket work Added extra sections to the shoulders, and decorative bling - I've been waiting to use that necklace on something for ages, and it seemed to fit on the back! Just the cuffs to go on the jacket now, and then that's 100% complete.

10th July 2014: SLEEEEVES Spliced together sleeves from an old jacket pattern onto my sleeveless waistcoat shape, and it mostly worked! I remember now what I hated about these sleeves when I used them for Utena - they are cut straight down to look super smart, but when you raise your arm there's not much give. Thank god it's an open jacket! I copied the same pattern from the side belt skirt thing to match the two pieces up. Wanted to try and get the black bias edging on to finish everything off tonight, but think it's a bit late and I'd just screw it up! Next time: bias & shoulder decorations.

9th July 2014: Jacket Back I'm still making up bits on this, need to add the bias before finishing the bottom bits that'll go 'underneath'. I make no sense, but I know what I mean….

9th July 2014: Jacket & collar And now with added trim that took too long, and the collar! I was going to sort the sleeves out, but I think I might chuck the bias on the edges & collar first to finish that off to stop bits fraying.

9th July 2014: This is why I shouldn't have 'ideas'... So I liked the fishbone effect I did on small sections of the belt with bias, so I thought, "Hey, why not make a simpler version for the jacket trim and other bits?" Queue several hours of sewing diagonal pieces of bias binding that would not stay still. Urgh! Next time I'll consider how long it might take before getting committed!

7th July 2014: Jacket Proof I've actually finally started the jacket. Having an issue with one of the seams not sitting flat which is really bugging me, I think I'll unpick and redo. Need to do all the extra lines/details on this before I can add the sleeves & collar. I think I'll add some silver ribbon/bias onto this for some of the details, as the black on dark blue suede is hard to see. Either that or bling it up with rivets/buttons/some form of coloured cord.

7th July 2014: Necklace! Raided my bead/bling box and played around with some beads and cord. The under top is going to be a v-neck, and the jacket is an open collar, so this should be visible on the costume.

2nd July 2014: Bottom half mostly done! So the split rings arrived, so I attacked the tails with my rivet guns and had some fun. Here's the bottom half of the costume mostly complete! Boots are just ones I had lying around, but now I'm thinking brown ones almost suit the design more than the black ones I've ordered. HRRRRMMM.

1st July 2014: Top belt Had to adjust the design of this as it was supposed to be much wider, but I just ran out of torso really! So I've made a smaller belt, with a few details. Once I've got the jacket, I'll look at adding extra bits to hang off this to balance the design.

1st July 2014: Tails done Got the tails lined & edged in bias, so the bottom half is nearing completion. They will have rivets & rings down each of the outer edges, but I'm waiting for the split rings I ordered to arrive. They are just pinned in place at the moment so a bit wonky, and that's a placeholder belt.

29th June 2014: Trousers Probably the plainest bit on the outfit, but they took SO long - was up at 9am and pretty much took the entire day. I had an old pair of work trousers that were falling apart so I took the pattern from them, then added an extra strip down the side for decorations and to make them a bit baggier. The only thing I haven't done is the cuffs at the bottom, as I need to decide what I'm doing with the boots first, which will decide whether I'll just shove elastic in them, or do something more elaborate.

I was supposed to be doing the jacket, but then realised I really need to get the lower half sorted first (as that's the bit I can't really edit) before I crop the jacket to the right height. Made a start on the top belt, that's next to finish.

29th June 2014: Day of progress! Amy-Lou and I hit up Tooting for sewing supplies, then had a productive day! Alas Tooting let me down for the studs I wanted, but I had a bag of old used ones, so spent an hour or so straightening all the legs and picking out any usable ones. The main thing I did get from there though was interfacing, which meant I could start on the actual clothes. I actually bought a pattern to try and make the jacket from, so we'll see how that goes...

Most of the progress today was on the side belt/skirt thing & tails - I finished the main bits that hang off the belt, pictured. I need to add bias to the tails and then they'll be done also. I'm going to hang bits off the rivets, but haven't decided what yet, I'll continue with the rest of the costume and then see what I have left at the end to make it all fit in :)

Tomorrow I think I'll have a crack at the jacket.

27th June 2014: Danglies... I'm putting off actual sewing tonight, so I've started making some of the danglies and bits for the belt and armour. I SUCK at knots, I really do, and it takes me forever. I don't have the patience, and I don't think I'll be making the long chains I was planning on! Think I'll just stick with small bits here and there, and think of something else for the long braids. Might be able to buy something pre-braided that I like :)

27th June 2014: ALL THE GESSO So I finished the detail work I wanted to put on, now it's time to spend many hours putting gesso on this thing, then sanding. Sanding some of this is going to be a bitch, now I look at it. Hindsight.

25th June 2014: So I totally suck at 'in progress' photos... While I'm still deciding the exact colour scheme, I started on the one bit I had mostly sorted in terms of design - the shoulder pauldron. Deciding to finally try out worbla for armour purposes, I've had a lot of fun with this using different methods. I think if I was making a set of matching armour though with this stuff I'd go crazy - at least a one-off piece doesn't have to be made the same a second time!

I need a lot of practise with shaping, but happy with my work seeing as it's my first go, and getting better at the fiddly bits. Here's a part way through picture (gems are removable, just checking they fit) - I still need to work out the design for the top bit properly. There will be various material & dangly things off this once it's done. Well, that's the plan.

23rd June 2014: Initial designs So, these are the scribbles of the design I'm going with - none of them are the *actual* design as I keep on liking various different parts, so it's a mesh of all of them together. Which means I'm pretty much making it up as I go along!

All the fabric is stuff I have left over, and I'm going with dark blue, brown and sand suede for the main colours, with black and silver embellishments. Trying to only use stuff I already own, but I think I'm gonna have to cave and buy more interfacing because I'm actually nearly out of that.

Anyway, this is mostly so people can possibly see what I'm working towards. Erm, if it ends up looking anything like this!

Sephirayne avatar

Sephirayne - 1st July 2014
Progress is looking great. Can't wait to see more.

delusional avatar

delusional - 1st July 2014
Thanks hon! I'm hoping to work on this pretty solidly over the next few weeks, so I'm not scrambling in September just before the event :D

Ninodog avatar

Ninodog - 13th July 2014
So much progress in such short time. Working at demon speed!

delusional avatar

delusional - 14th July 2014
I'm hoping for once to have an original outfit that's finished on the first wearing! Hence the speed :D I've a feeling the boots might take a while though, so want as much time as possible!

Leadmill avatar

Leadmill - 15th July 2014
Oh my, this is amazing! Such talent!!

delusional avatar

delusional - 11th August 2014
Cheers Leadmill! I just hope it all comes together in the end :)

CaptainAmelia avatar

CaptainAmelia - 16th August 2014
This looks absolutely amazing!! I can't wait to see it in person :D