Sara Sidle
CSI: Crime Scene Investigation

Cosplayer: Leonie Heartilly

Variant: Forensics overalls

Status: Complete

Condition: Not Set

23rd June 2014: Current forensics kit Contents:

Crime scene tape
Evidence seals
Maglite mini torch
4 tweezer set (straight, curved, spade, self-closing)
5 x long sterile swabs in sealed tubes
2 x specimen tubes
2 x specimen pots
Spray bottle (luminol)
Magnifying glasses
Latex gloves

22nd June 2014: Back of overalls All finished

22nd June 2014: Forensics lettering complete I think this was two coats.

22nd June 2014: Forensics lettering After finding the closest font I could find I printed out the letters onto paper and cut them carefully to make a stencil. I painted directly onto the overalls using Dylon fabric paint.

22nd June 2014: Front of overalls Patch handsewn on.

22nd June 2014: Pocket modifications Original pocket flaps removed and reused as a sort of binding.

21st June 2014: Boots I don't like the finish on these, looks kinda like suede but they were the best I could find in such a short time.

19th June 2014: Base overalls/ boiler suit Another ebay purchase. As with the combats I wear with some of my Resident Evil cosplays it took a while to find one that wouldn't swamp me as they are usually designed with men in mind.
I will need to make modifications to the breast pockets.

15th June 2014: Patch C.S.I. Las Vegas Nevada patch bought on ebay.

14th June 2014: Reference photos Reference photos