Harley Quinn
Batman: The Animated Series

Cosplayer: Masahara

Status: Complete

Condition: Not Set

2nd July 2014: Complete Test Shote Annnnndd we're done all set to go for next week!

20th June 2014: Body suit updates Well the body suit is now all sewn and I finally got all of the diamonds onto it, collar is done as is one of the cuffs, still got boot covers, props and the other cuff to go but progress!

19th June 2014: Updates Tested out make up and tried out my headpiece all together today, mask still needs more shaping since its still slightly too wide but things are getting there ^_^

BladeyCakes avatar

BladeyCakes - 19th June 2014
Faaaabulous <3 Cannae wait to see her all done, bro >:C

yuubalu avatar

yuubalu - 2nd July 2014
Best Harley though <3 I'm gonna have to rope you into doing her again one day when I've settled on a Batman character to do with you xD

DangerousBox avatar

DangerousBox - 2nd July 2014
You look awesome yo' DUDE very suit much amaze

Origin avatar

Origin - 13th July 2014
That's a great looking Harley! Nice work on that bodysuit; something I now know can be a bit fiddly from my experience of precisely one such thing. Anyhoo, it's like you stole her from the cartoon! :D

yuubalu avatar

yuubalu - 13th July 2014
Ahh, you look fabulous <3

Why so serious though? /shot

Masahara avatar

Masahara - 13th July 2014
Thanks everyone ^_^

@yuubalu yeah XD combo of not being able to smile with my teeth since the white facepaint made their colouring worse and I'm not great at closed mouth smiling XD

Kitka avatar

Kitka - 14th July 2014
Spot on, love it!

Masahara avatar

Masahara - 1st August 2014
Thanks! ^_^