legend of zelda majora's mask

Cosplayer: Mad Hamster

Variant: Fierce Deity

Status: Planned

Condition: Not Set

This costume has not been worn at any events yet.

23rd June 2014: Majora's mask prop template This took 2 attempts just to draw but it was worth it :), It was odd really because you do have to use some maths for this. You have to get the angles right, positioning, shape and size... so much fun.
The next step will be to make the clay version so then I can make the mould and cast the mask :)

7th June 2014: Armour: research After being ill for the past few days I thought I'd do something to lift me up a bit, so I decided to do some cosplay research.
The armour is an interesting one because it needs to be tight fitted, but not so tight that I can't move or that it tears apart.
I did find some good trick on the net involving foam, glue and resin to make it more plastic like and solid making it easier in some areas.
The armour pretty much wraps around me, but it with some kind of clipping rigging I should be okay, got to ask a few guys for advice on that though but I should be okay :)
The breast armour pieces... hmm... going to be interesting for the decoration, may just use some sheet foam. And the strap will probably be something like leather or something fun like that :p
The armour goes pretty much down to just under my knee but the bit at the bottom looks quite solid. Which is a bit easier but will bring its own challenges I'm sure

4th June 2014: Sword: research Because I have no intention on rushing this project I thought that I would start with one of the hardest parts which is the sword.
As you can see it's not really a conventional sword in terms of it's design, it's also not a particularly stable sword to use in battle especially for it's scale.
Thankfully I do have a few options free to me in terms of how to construct it. I'm reluctant to use expanding foam for this as 1) it's rather fragile especially for a blade of that size, and 2) the pure size of that thing.
I may experiment with the dreaded material that is fibre glass resin, but like I said, I'm very reluctant to use it, but it would make the blade stable.

31st May 2014: Starting point, reference images Thought I'd start finding some good reference images of Link so then I can start working on him early.
The sword will be an interesting bit to do, it will also be one of the first things to make because it has to be made from scratch, that'll either be foam or resin (if I can get my hands on the stuff)
I'm not going to rush on this one as this is my favourite mask from majora's mask (she says)

Mothfox avatar

Mothfox - 4th June 2014
this is going to be awesome :D I look forward to the progress