Twi'lek Sith Apprentice
Star Wars

Cosplayer: Moonchild

Variant: Own Design

Status: Complete

Condition: Needs repairs

19th May 2014: Almost finished!! Made the sleeves today using an old butterick pattern I had lying around, just made them slightly wider and my mum hand-sewed them on to the t-shirt for me. Literally just need to hem the cape and sew some fasteners in the back of the belt. Alyx is almost finished with the lekku as well. I'm really pleased with how this has turned out!!

14th May 2014: Even more progress Added some red trim to the straps and cut the neckline. Still all pinned for the time being so ignore it looking a bit rough here!

Just simple sewing left to do aside from making the flared sleeves and cutting the tabard. I'm hoping to have this all done by the end of the week...hopefully!!

9th May 2014: More Progress Cut and added the textured panels to the front and back and added the butt-cape. I'm using my nightingale top underneath to save me making/buying another as i probably won't be wearing it again for a while.

Everything is just pinned atm ready to be sewn. Then just need to make and add some flare sleeves, cut the tabard to a point and make the front a bit more low-cut. The butt-cape will also need to be shortened but i'll probably do that last.

4th May 2014: Contacts Ordered the 'Wild Fire' contacts from
Thanks to Kristen for the recommendation!

3rd May 2014: Tabard WIP Also made this while at Alyx's. All made from the same jersey as the belt. I'll be wearing a black top underneath this with flared sleeves and also going to make a long butt-cape too. Will be wearing the leggings and boots seen here. Going to shorten the tabard as well and cut it into a point...possibly add a pop of red somewhere too!! Again major help to Alyx for the help!!

3rd May 2014: Waist Belt Also started work on what i'll be wearing. Made the waist belt from some stretch ponte jersey and added some leatherette for texture. The tied sash is just a length of textured fabric tied round the belt. Thanks to Alyx for helping me make this!! I just need to sew some fasteners in the back.

3rd May 2014: Lekku WIP Started work on the Lekku!! Alyx had already made the base from upholstery foam when I got to hers so we set to work on applying the layers of latex. She also started a 3rd layer of latex mixed with red paint which i neglected to take a photo of but its looking amazing so far. Super excited!!

23rd April 2014: It Begins Bought all my fabric, face paint & materials for the Lekku. Going to stay at Alyx's on Monday for a few days so hoping to get a good start on things then. All I have left to get is contact lenses which i'll get when i'm paid next hopefully. Progress soon!!

Alias Cosplay avatar

Alias Cosplay - 3rd May 2014
Yes! Can't wait!

Sweeturk avatar

Sweeturk - 7th May 2014
it's going to look awesome!!!!! =D