Vocaloid 2

Cosplayer: DarkShodowOwner

Variant: Magnet

Status: Complete

Condition: Not Set

3rd April 2014: Waiting for pictures I'm still waiting for the pictures to arrive can't be helped T_T

20th March 2014: Tadaaaa Finally finished making of headphones. It took longer than expected since I did everything from scratch. But feeling so proud of myself!!!

12th March 2014: Styling the wig Going to style the wig, hopefully I won't have to give it a cut since I'm really bad at it but yup.

5th March 2014: Darn it! I wanted to make the overcoat Kaito wears but seems like I won't be able to make it I won't be able to have enogh time !

3rd March 2014: Started making headphones I started making the headphones more likely I'm experimenting this stuff right now wish me luck people

3rd March 2014: Planning I relized that I have a awesome blue wig and laterly I'm indspired by Kaito's Character so I should give it a try yet still planning XP

EvilShadowMaster avatar

EvilShadowMaster - 4th March 2014
Lately* I read your journal XD go and correct that mistake
And good luck on your cosplay :P teehee

misfit_mosher avatar

misfit_mosher - 10th April 2014
looking good <3 post some photos of the Kaito cosplay please :D

DarkShodowOwner avatar

DarkShodowOwner - 12th April 2014