Street Fighter

Cosplayer: JakeX

Status: Complete

Condition: Not Set

14th April 2009: Planning the upper build Well i really have two choices when it comes to making an upper build as big as Blanka's

1. Find one of those children costumes with the fake muscles and rip that apart and use it some how, failing that make an upper later with Foam chest under it that ill make myself. (one id prefer)

2. Chicken wire...........hard to move in and painful if not made properly (knows by exp)

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Berserk667 - 14th April 2009
doitdoitdoitdoitdoit DO IT YES!

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Ninodog - 25th April 2009
I'd suggest that your first option for added muscle would probably be better. I know that power ranger and other superhero outfits have a vacuum formed foam muscle chest if you want definition, maybe some upholstery foam behind it for some bulk?
looking forward to seeing it.

Captain_Marvelous avatar

Captain_Marvelous - 28th April 2009
Nice and im with Ninodog here your gonna need some form of muscled accents here the power ranger option seems pretty good

Berserk667 avatar

Berserk667 - 16th June 2009

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Odd-One-Out - 14th July 2009

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Anonymous - 15th July 2009

Nice make up work man, looking forward to seeing you as my man Jimmy (Blanka's real name, was friends with Dan Hibiki as a child).

All we need is Sakura, and our Saikyo Team will be ready for Expo! YAHOO!

Berserk667 avatar

Berserk667 - 15th July 2009
definetly looking mean an green there buddy. Keep up the good work :)

Defrain avatar

Defrain - 15th July 2009
its bruce banner

jaks-kingdom-dwarf avatar

jaks-kingdom-dwarf - 20th July 2009
eeeeeee :D i loved Blanka both him and Chun-li were my faves i always use to be one or other.

can't wait to see this ^^

Ikkaku-kun avatar

Ikkaku-kun - 20th July 2009
XD it looks like your made of play dough xD ....... look at ure pic and thing play dough xD

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Anonymous - 20th July 2009
Whoa, looking awesome with the face and hair so far. Any luck with the body ideas yet?

JakeX avatar

JakeX - 20th July 2009
Waiting for the muscle suit to be delivered

AmethystEyes avatar

AmethystEyes - 26th July 2009
Now there will be TWO green people at Ayacon! :D
You look like the green giant!

FlyingMammal avatar

FlyingMammal - 30th July 2009
you have the expression to a T!! :D
cant wait to see it all finished.

timpey avatar

timpey - 2nd August 2009
oh cool its looking great

kimpey avatar

kimpey - 2nd August 2009
oh its really looking awesome i like the wig

Littlegeeky avatar

Littlegeeky - 17th August 2009
Haha this cosplay was amazing hun, I laughed when you rawred on stage hehe

FlyingMammal avatar

FlyingMammal - 17th August 2009
You pulled it off SO well!

Keekal avatar

Keekal - 17th August 2009

You looked awesome! I was the Maka you spoke to in the shop, all my friends thought you looked wicked too! :D

Manga Girl avatar

Manga Girl - 17th August 2009
Loved your Blanka cosplay hun!! :D

Lozzie avatar

Lozzie - 18th August 2009
This was amazing! I loved it! I enjoyed stroking your chest hair. I dont know if you remember but i was the Maleficent in the Masquerade waiting line.

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Anonymous - 18th August 2009
Saikyo partners FTW! Nice work with Jimmy man, that performance in the Masquerade was amazing. I think everyone in the Butterworth Hall was intimidated by that roar!

picklesofdoom avatar

picklesofdoom - 18th August 2009

Loved your Blanka cosplay, it was fab :)

Toshi-chan avatar

Toshi-chan - 18th August 2009


xD it does rawr-able tho

timpey avatar

timpey - 19th August 2009
awesome blanka mate, loved the muscle suit was brill

RebaSephiroth2 avatar

RebaSephiroth2 - 19th August 2009
Fantasic Blanka cosplay ^_^

Unknown member avatar

Anonymous - 19th August 2009
Cool cosplay lol yey to greeny lol

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Anonymous - 10th September 2009
niceeee :D

Unknown member avatar

Anonymous - 24th September 2009
Best ever! Love the nails! I think they're my favourite!

nanahara avatar

nanahara - 31st October 2009
you pulled this of brilliantly man XD