Cheshire Cat
Alice in Wonderland (1951)

Cosplayer: SteamAndDust

Status: Complete

Condition: Not Set

3rd February 2014: Oh So Cute And Fluffy Working on my wrist fluffies. The long shag fur was originally white so I have to hand colour them with sharpie marker. At least I know everything with match this way. I have two wrist fluffies and two knee high fluffies so this could get interesting.

15th January 2014: Finishing The Base Headpiece After work on this headpiece for what feels like forever, I am going to get it finished today so I can start on the ears, arm warmers and leg warmers. -I have about 90 minutes worth of work left to do on it. So far, 4 sharpie markers have died in the making of this piece.

19th December 2013: I Gots Me A Tail Now My tail arrived today from the USA and I completely love it already. It is 30 inches and reaches the top of my ankles when its attached to the belt piece. I got free ears with it, but don't need them for the costume. That will not stop me wearing them around the house though :)

16th December 2013: The Half Way Mark On The Head Piece Ok, so after 6 hours of colouring over the past 10 days, I have coloured half of the head piece from white to a raspberry colour. So only another 6 hours of colouring till its finished, and ready for styling.

7th December 2013: Up To My Elbows In Marker Started work on my head piece. The hair was white originally but in order to get the right colour for Cheshire Cat, I have to hand colour in the entire wig with sharpie marker pens. Sharpie markers are great as they have a super pigmented colour pay off. This is going to take a good few days to finish before I can even start on styling the head piece. It's gunna be a long few days.

5th December 2013: Making The Belt Braid Taking a ball of pink wool, I measured out 15 strands of wool that each nearly 6ft long. The wool shrinks in length as you braid it so add at least 12 inches extra length. These strands got divided into three sets of fives and braided together. This is the start of the belt piece. I can't finish it until I get the tail sorted though.

30th November 2013: Shoes, Finished. After a few days with little few time I have finally finished attacking the white canvas pumps with sharpie markers and put in a new pair of shoe laces in a better colour. Even though I am wearing leg warmers with these shoes, I wanted to cover them completely so even if the leg warmers move there isn't white that will be on show. The rubber side sections have also been done to blend in so they look like fur/hairs.

27th November 2013: Working On My Shoes I brought a plain pair of white canvas shoes for this costume which I am gunna decorate with sharpie markers. I have work on a few canvas pieces before so I know that the markers will work really well and can be made water proof. I expect these shoes to take about an hour from start to finish, and I'll post a pic when I'm done.

TinyRicki avatar

TinyRicki - 28th March 2014
Still can't get over how flipping epic this is! You look da bomb girl! Congrats on such an awesome cosplay and I greatly look forwards to a Cheshire Cat cwtch in the not too distant future!

PandoraCaitiff avatar

PandoraCaitiff - 8th July 2014
Awesome idea, and it's come out amazingly well. Great job on the makeup. And I love the tail and wig :D

SteamAndDust avatar

SteamAndDust - 8th July 2014
Thank you both. I've been tweaking it a bit in time for the next time I wear it this month :) x