Misa Amane
Death Note

Cosplayer: Lotta Dev

Status: Complete

Condition: Not Set

16th September 2014: Complete So I've finished my cosplay now. Bought some gloves and stockings on ebay, and necklaces on amazon. I've decided not to cut the wig, because I'm screwed if that messes up.
I've also practiced the make-up, which looks good I think.
Unfortunately I can't take a photo of it all because I have no one to take it for me.

24th August 2014: The Wig SO I have the wig (had it for a while but haven't been able to update here.)
It's pretty good quality, lovely colour, and really thick. But it is so ridiculously long! Misa's hair is a bit longer than shoulder length. The wig goes down to my butt. I'm considering cutting it, but that could go so badly. So right now I'm just considering my options.

22nd July 2014: The Corset Using a tutorial I found online for "making a corset belt", I first made one a few weeks back. I used faux leather, but found that it didn't match the dress as the material was too shiny. So I have now done it again, using a thick cotton fabric and I am very pleased with how it turned out. Creating holes for the eyelets to go in was quite hard, but I managed it in the end.
I think it's gone okay!

24th June 2014: The Dress A while back (February maybe) I found the perfect dress for this cosplay on Forever 21 on sale, so I bought it. And now that uni and exams are over for the summer, I've finally got to work. I bought some black lace trim (I think, I don't know the proper terms) and sewed that on with a sewing machine. While it's not the neatest thing I've ever done, it's black so I doubt anyone will notice. And I'm pretty pleased with it.
I've also bought some faux leather and an eyelit kit so soon I'll be able to start on the corset belt, using a tutorial I found online.

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Dax79 - 1st October 2014
Great! I hope to see ya about!!!!!!!!!