Kuroshitsuji (Black Butler)

Cosplayer: kirokitsune

Variant: Noah's Arc Circus

Status: Complete

Condition: Not Set

2nd August 2009: Almost complete! YAYS! Okies so I have now sew on the sleeves to the jacket and the costume is finally looking pretty awesomes!

I just need to do the collar on the jacket, hem it, add the cord, sew a couple more red bits on the tunic and it's all finished!!! YAY!

That and I need to make my third snake hehehehe, This makes me very happy =)

I intend to have a cosplay BLITZ tomorrow, finish off any small bits and get a load of Lelouch done as well hehehe.

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Anonymous - 9th April 2009
Snaaake!! SO looking forward to this! I love Snake, he's so funny. XD

kirokitsune avatar

kirokitsune - 10th April 2009
Hehe it's going to be interesting to do. Been looking at possible colour schemes this evening, hoping they do an coloured illustration soon or I shall have to improvise!

This is for our Noah's Arc group at Aya.

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Anonymous - 10th April 2009
Oooh, I wish I was going Aya to take pictures D: I'd come bug you all as Grell XD

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Nocturnal Blossom - 10th April 2009
Snaaake <3
So excited for this!

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Uni - 10th April 2009
this'll be awesome!

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Anonymous - 11th April 2009
Snaaaaaaaake, it's a traaaaaaaap D: D:

Just need Peter and we'll have the whole troupe! Can't wait for you to do this, shirtlessness ftw <3

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kirokitsune - 11th April 2009
HAHA! Once I saw he had actual clothes I was like YAY! I will do him haha!
Looking forward to making Wordsworth as well hehe.

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Om_nom_nom - 13th April 2009
Omg Snake < Im cosplaying as Sebastion then Joker soon :D xD

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Sephirayne - 13th July 2009
Woot! Really looking forward to seeing your group.