Yu Meiren
Dynasty Warriors Strikeforce 2

Cosplayer: Clockwork Dandy Noodles

Status: Complete

Condition: Not Set

MCM Birmingham Performance award 2014

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ToroSonyCat avatar

ToroSonyCat - 18th October 2013
The headdress looks beautiful!

Kacela avatar

Kacela - 21st October 2013
That tiara is perfect!!

Kacela avatar

Kacela - 22nd October 2013
Thank you for the lovely comments on my cosplays! I am hoping to have Cai finished for May, but Uni and work may mean I'll push it back again; I don't want to rush it. I look forward to seeing this though. Good luck!

Nesproxy avatar

Nesproxy - 23rd November 2013
Stunning work so far, looking forward to seeing more. :)

InfiniteJester avatar

InfiniteJester - 18th December 2013
This is looking great so far!

Mad Hamster avatar

Mad Hamster - 18th December 2013
You be so awesome, I can't wait to see the finished product <3

Getti avatar

Getti - 8th January 2014
My goodness, this looks amazing!

nanahara avatar

nanahara - 8th January 2014
the progress of this cosplay is great

Kei Lin Sama avatar

Kei Lin Sama - 13th January 2014
I'm really looking forward to seeing you wear this at May Expo 2014

WhiteWraith avatar

WhiteWraith - 25th March 2014
This is gorgeous! I love all the detail :)

Kei Lin Sama avatar

Kei Lin Sama - 25th March 2014
I've enjoyed seeing all the accessories come together, but this is the first time I've seen the whole outfit. Great job!

Clockwork Dandy Noodles avatar

Clockwork Dandy Noodles - 25th March 2014
:) Thank you! I am pretty happy with how everything worked out hehe, I had so much fun on stage and I really cannot believe Yu was awarded the performance award :3

Kacela avatar

Kacela - 31st March 2014
The final product looks wonderful! Perfectly made.

Kei Lin Sama avatar

Kei Lin Sama - 6th April 2014
I heard your performance was delightful! Glad you won an award for it. Any chance of uploading a video?

Clockwork Dandy Noodles avatar

Clockwork Dandy Noodles - 6th April 2014
Hey Guys :) sadly I haven't seen any performance videos so far, but my Mum took this whilst I was rehearsing before the show. Thank you :)


Kei Lin Sama avatar

Kei Lin Sama - 29th April 2014
Lovely! I also saw your Phantom of the Opera performance uploaded. Keep those videos coming - I can't be the only person who wants to see them! You're a beautiful dancer.

Unknown member avatar

Anonymous - 15th June 2014
Thank you for the lovely comment on my Yu Meiren cosplay. This is gorgeous, you look fab and I love the hula-hoop of death. ;)