Hanbei Takenaka
Sengoku BASARA

Cosplayer: WhiteWraith

Status: Complete

Condition: Not Set

23rd October 2014: Nearing completion Nearly finished! All my armour is done apart from waiting from glue to dry so it's sealed. mask is complete and looks better than i thought it would! Sword is almost done, just got to wait for paint to dry and then to add rub n buff to make it look more metallic like.
After this just need to add some paint detail to certain parts of the costume, some poppers need adding and some elastic needs attaching and I'm done :D

22nd October 2014: Armour/weapon Armour is all painted and currently drying. It might need another coat but we'll see.
Making the sword at the moment, it won't look fantastic but I'm just happy I've had the time to make it! Glued all the foamboard and wire together. Got to go to town later to pick up more paint and materials for both the sword and the mask.

20th October 2014: progress Shoulder armour complete and attached.
Made and completed the cross thats attached to his cape. Painted one of the arm armour pieces.
Still waiting on some bits for the leg armour.

20th October 2014: Shoulder armour Made the shoulder armour. Ran out of worbla so had to cover the pieces in fabric that I had left over. They look okay but I can always re-make them at another time!
Arm armour looks okay, needs some more wood glue adding to it to even out places but hoping to have them painted by the end of today!

19th October 2014: Armour I've made the arm armour. It doesn't look fantastic because it's my first time making armour and I had no idea what I was doing! It looks okay for a first attempt though!
Leg armour however is another matter and I'm really not sure how to do this at all!

18th October 2014: Armour Been really busy so progress on this cosplay has been slow!
I've cut out all the materials for the armour pieces to discover I have nowhere near enough worbla :/

12th October 2014: Progress Made the cape, it's not 100% accurate but seeing as Expo is getting ever closer it will do for now! Adding some small detail to my sleeve that I missed and all the fabric part of the cosplay is done. Onto making his armour next.

11th October 2014: Vest Nearly complete, friend helped me add all the trim and it's looking a lot better yay :3

9th October 2014: Vest Didn't have much energy to sew after work but vest base is complete apart from the collar. Will tackle that and detailing tomorrow. Hoping to start patterning out armour too.

8th October 2014: Top(s) Undershirt is complete. Vest top is sewn up but needs hemming and sorting out a little as its not fitted quite properly. Need to add all the detailing to it next.

6th October 2014: Top(s) Undershirt is nearly complete but I need to put a zip up the back so I can get in and out of it. Patterned out the vest, will start on this tomorrow. Also patterned out armour pieces, I'll start these on the weekend.

4th October 2014: Costume start Made and completed the trousers today.
Next step is to make the under shirt.

3rd April 2014: Wig Commissioned a wig because I don't have the time or skills to do this myself!

Raye-chan avatar

Raye-chan - 23rd October 2014
Awesome job getting this done in time hun!

WhiteWraith avatar

WhiteWraith - 23rd October 2014
Thank you so much! Was cutting it close!