Yuuko Ichihara

Cosplayer: Frederica la Noir

Variant: Kimono Artwork

Status: Complete

Condition: Not Set

Kitacon 2009

nanahara avatar

nanahara - 31st March 2009
I hope you get this done for kitacon, cause so far your progress is looking brilliant, that wig is great

hitmanx2 avatar

hitmanx2 - 1st April 2009
nice looking cosplay now I whish I was going to kitacon

UnaSpi avatar

UnaSpi - 7th April 2009
Oh wow, that is incredibly beautiful so far! Awesome work! You have such a good look for Yuuko too!

GunstarVixen avatar

GunstarVixen - 13th April 2009
oh wow! that looks so pretty!

UnaSpi avatar

UnaSpi - 14th April 2009
*thumbs up*

Missytetra avatar

Missytetra - 21st April 2009
This was a gorgeous costume and every photo of you dancing looks so graceful and gorgeous too! I loved the colours on it and hopefully that nasty dirt will come out >< Beautiful Yuuko!!

nanahara avatar

nanahara - 22nd April 2009
this cosplay was soooooo well made, and you did brilliantly in the J-factor at Kitacon

PinkCharlieBear avatar

PinkCharlieBear - 7th May 2009
You looked so pretty as Yuuko! Suited her so well.
I really like the patterns and how you painted them with watercolours, it looked lovely =]

- avatar

- - 7th June 2010
You look so elegant and amazing.
Lovely work, you look stunning.

Pandora-Chi avatar

Pandora-Chi - 6th March 2011
You look so pretty ^^ Dark hair suits you so well!

Feather-to-Earth avatar

Feather-to-Earth - 7th March 2011
This looks so very beautiful <3<3<3

JustPeachy avatar

JustPeachy - 11th July 2011
This is so beautiful!! You make a wonderful Yuuko <3