Zelos Wilder
Tales of Symphonia

Cosplayer: WhiteWraith

Status: Complete

Condition: Not Set

Kitacon 2014

23rd March 2014: More progress Headband is complete, made the exsphere and just needs painting. Just got the gloves to finish and done!

23rd March 2014: Progress Coat is complete with detail. I've added all the detail to the sword sheath too.
Shoes have been customised, just need to paint the worbla gold. Main things left to do are finish the gloves and make his exsphere which i should be able to do tomorrow.

20th March 2014: Detailing progress~ Sewn half the gold ribbon onto the coat. Will be finishing that and adding the cord and toggles to the coat tomorrow.

16th March 2014: Small bits of progress Sheathe for sword is made and so is the belt. Just got to finish the gloves and boots now!

15th March 2014: Trousers pt 2 This time round it was a success! I know what I did wrong so I can avoid that in the future. Trousers are pretty much complete :)
Sword is done and painted, doesn't look great but I made it fast and I can't make it any better due to time! I might add a few pieces of worbla to the hilt for decoration now my heat gun is here.
Shoes need a second coat of white paint but I ran out of spray paint so that will have to wait! Haven't got much left to do now, really pleased with my progress.

14th March 2014: Progress Sword has been sanded down and painted. Needs another layer of paint and it will be done. I want to add some worbla to the hilt if I had time to give bits a raised effect but it all depends on time!
Sewing up my trouser tonight, hoping this goes better than my first attempt!
Shoes have been spray painted white in preparation for being modded.

12th March 2014: Progress!! The coat is done apart from details! I have some toggles and lilac cord on the way so I can't do that yet and I will be trying to buy some gold ribbon tomorrow. The gloves I bought arrived, they're long enough but need some elastic putting in at the top so they stay up. Attempting my second go at trousers tomorrow.
Hoping to get most of the fabric part of this costume done by Friday.

The sword is nearing completion. Needs small bits of filler here and there and then it can be sanded down and painted. Feeling loads better about getting this costume done now :)

11th March 2014: Coat Coat has been sewn together. Needs taking up at the back and neatening at the top but I'm really happy with it!

8th March 2014: Gloves Arghhhh! I can't make gloves it seems, I always mess up the measurements for at least one of the fingers. Tried three times and I just can't do it! I'm going to buy black base gloves and mod them instead as I'm running out of time!

8th March 2014: Progress Had to put paper mache on the sword because it was far too flimsy. I've put 5 layers on and it's much more sturdy, it has a layer of filler on now and I'm just waiting for that to dry so I can put one last layer on.
All my fabric has arrived or Zelos now. Shoes to be modded are on the way!
Attempting gloves today with a better pattern so I hope it works out this time.

4th March 2014: Sword progress Started the sword finally. Cut out the foam core and one side has filler on it, will have it wait for it to dry before I can do anymore. I think I'll need 2/3 layers on each side to make it solid enough. Maybe hoping to get all the filler on by Sunday and sanded down if I can.

2nd March 2014: Progress? Okay, I tried to make gloves for the first time and screwed them up really badly so hopefully my second attempt works because I only just have enough fabric! I've ordered fabric for his coat and the detailing on the gloves, it's a little dark but it's nice fabric. I'll be getting the rest of the white fabric for his trousers tomorrow and then hopefully I can just sit and sew it all together!

26th February 2014: Start! Well I had to drop a costume for kita and I already had bits of this done so I think I can get it done in time because I still have material from when I last started it! So far I have the black v-neck done and the base black gloves are done. I have fabric for the lining of his coat and I think I have enough white for his trousers so we'll see how this goes! One month to go before the con, I think I might be slightly crazy. If i don't get this done, it's not the end of the world though!

KiraraYumi avatar

KiraraYumi - 10th August 2013
Aww. Yis. Zelos. You are gonna rock this >D
CANNOT WAAAAIT chosentimes <3

WhiteWraith avatar

WhiteWraith - 10th August 2013
Thanks hon :D
And you will make such a cute Colette, I AM SO EXCITED FOR THIS <3

Raye-chan avatar

Raye-chan - 4th October 2013
Yes!!!!! Come join me as Sheena at Kitacon XD you too KiararaYumi! I'm planning her for the Friday ^^ Can't wait to see this :D my pal SlimDefinition is thinking of Krato's - maybe we could do a group together for the day ^^ x

WhiteWraith avatar

WhiteWraith - 6th October 2013
I would love to join you guys at Kita! I'll be in Zelos for most of Friday afternoon I would imagine :D

Raye-chan avatar

Raye-chan - 6th October 2013
Sounds excellent!! XD I'll be making a start on Sheena once london mcm expo is over :D

Raye-chan avatar

Raye-chan - 27th February 2014
I'm still very much looking forward to seeing this! Sadly I had to drop Sheena due to monies but will defo need a picture of you :D

WhiteWraith avatar

WhiteWraith - 28th February 2014
Thank you hon :)
Aw that's okay but if you ever do cosplay her, I'd love to get photos with you :)
I'll be in him on the Friday so hope we run into each other!

Raye-chan avatar

Raye-chan - 28th February 2014
:D You're welcome!
That's awesome, promise to keep you in mind for when I pick up the project!
I'll be in Orihime from Bleach on the Friday :D so will look out for you x

DefineImagineMJ avatar

DefineImagineMJ - 28th February 2014
It's a shame that we're doing Symphonia on different days. :-(
Looking forward to seeing this though, and hopefully we can get photos together some time.

WhiteWraith avatar

WhiteWraith - 8th March 2014
@raye-chan: aw thank you! Ah I love Orihime! I'll keep my eye out for you too :) x
@slimdefinition: I know :c I wish I could have swapped days! Hoping to still see your cosplay, and would definitely love photos some time!

TheStarlightFairy avatar

TheStarlightFairy - 9th March 2014
Aaah I can't wait to see this, you're gonna rock it!

WhiteWraith avatar

WhiteWraith - 15th March 2014
Thanks hon! Hoping it will come out okay, rushed it a bit ^^;

Lady Bahamut avatar

Lady Bahamut - 3rd April 2014
This looks amazing! Getting the ladies man look down there too XD

WhiteWraith avatar

WhiteWraith - 4th April 2014
Thank you! haha I'm glad you think so, it was really hard to not sit there and giggle x3

Emzone avatar

Emzone - 4th April 2014
Yay Zelos!
Great job with this =D

KiraraYumi avatar

KiraraYumi - 6th April 2014
Thank you for teaching Asbel how to seduce girls.
Srsly, I loved your Zelos, gimme your coat >w< Totally stealing you for Chosentimes in the future!

WhiteWraith avatar

WhiteWraith - 19th April 2014
@Emzone- Thank you!
@kiraraYumi- I tried and failed x3 Nope you can;t have the coat, I am super proud of that coat! Yes please you will make a great Colette!