Stark Expo babe
Iron Man 2

Cosplayer: Divadellarte

Status: Complete

Condition: Not Set

Kitacon 2014

27th February 2014: Progress Report 1 Shorts: done. A pattern adapted from a pair of hotpants and some red spandex was all that was needed for these. They do still need the belt adding, but that can wait. I'll use gold satin for the belt, as my local fabric shop doesn't tend to stock gold spandex.

Top: The pattern for this was adapted from a crop top that I own. Again, red spandex formed the base of the top, with gold satin added at the sleeves and under the bust.

Gauntlets: Measured around the lower and upper parts of my forearm, and worked the pattern out from there. I've made them fingerless, with just a hole for my thumb.

Still to do: Boots (got a pair I just need to spraypaint red and gold); lights in the gauntlets and top (will be a doddle compared to my boyfriend's IronMan suit with all the toys); lose a bit of weight so I can strut my stuff comfortably all day.

naurarwen avatar

naurarwen - 11th January 2014
This is kinda awesome. A few friends and I were planning Iron Man/Marvel on Friday night. I'm going as one of the Stark Expo Ironette's as well. Not sure what day you plan on doing yours but we'll be around Friday if you do it then :)