Alana Bloom
Hannibal NBC

Cosplayer: xBoLin

Status: Complete

Condition: Not Set

Alcon 2013

Niamh avatar

Niamh - 1st August 2013
This'll be awesome! Can't wait to see it :D

FullMetal-007 avatar

FullMetal-007 - 1st August 2013
JUST YES ON SO MANY LEVELS :,3 Alan you sly dog you. As I said before ... I love it!

FullMetal-007 avatar

FullMetal-007 - 7th August 2013
ALAN I BLOODY LOVE YOU!! I'm sorry just had to leave another comment :,)

xBoLin avatar

xBoLin - 8th August 2013
Ta Will! :D

paintedapples11 avatar

paintedapples11 - 8th August 2013
looking very lovely Alana =)

xBoLin avatar

xBoLin - 8th August 2013
Thank yooou Hanni!

InfiniteJester avatar

InfiniteJester - 9th August 2013
Looks great! You really suit her!

REVvY_Hates_Kids avatar

REVvY_Hates_Kids - 12th August 2013
God Dammit Alan !!!! looking good ;)