Makise Kurisu

Cosplayer: Dark and Light Samurai

Variant: Anime

Status: Complete

Condition: Not Set

Kitacon 2014

29th July 2013: Second update Well I'm almost done with the shirt, with just sorting out the button related parts. I'll upload photos of the making progress once it's done. Though the lab coat sewing pattern has still not arrived. However, with Tokonatsu's status of delaying the event to later this month, I will have more time to work on the lab coats (if the pattern arrives at all -_-).
I still need to paint the belt buckle, but of course there's plenty of time for that, also more time for me to look for some cheap green garden shoes, as they would be more durable than getting actual slippers.

24th July 2013: First progress update So, currently I have made the tie and added the belt loops to the shorts. I'm going to start making the shirt next. Though I am still waiting for the sewing pattern for the lab coat to arrive, I really hope it arrives by Saturday at the latest so I can get started on making the lab coats for Kurisu and Okabe. I still need to get some tights and shoes, as well as style the wig and paint the belt buckle gold.