Green Lantern
DC Comics - Green Lantern

Cosplayer: MDAHayward

Variant: Kyle Rayner

Status: Complete

Condition: Not Set

20th October 2013: Muscle Definition, Logo, and Final Black Coat So, it's been a while since I've updated this but since the last post, we have sprayed the costume with another 2 coats of black paint, and trimmed up some of the edges (or faded) and added muscle definition where the abs are and added the basic black and green of the logo.

The next and final step, is to spray the gloves white and then put a white circle around the logo.

18th August 2013: First Coat of Paint Done So, we masking taped up the areas we wanted to keep green and airbrushed the Morphsuit.
This is what we ended up with after the first coat was done.

8th August 2013: Body definition test. So, after having a few problems with the paint I bought, we decided to buy a new morphsuit and use the old one as a test suit. (Probably should have done that in the first place).. So, after looking at how we wanted the suit, I had my girlfriend use fabric pens and fabric paint to line the areas I wanted to be defined. This is just a rough test but it should look similar to this (just hopefully a little neater).

7th August 2013: Mask So, after having a think,I changed my mind to Kyle Rayner. With that, we then moved onto making the mask. We got a sheet of foam, heated it up and pressed it into my face (nearly breaking my eyes haha). After repeating this a few times we cut the design out, wrapped the left over of the morphsuit around it and glued it down.

15th July 2013: Step 2 - Starting the Work Today me and my girlfriend started work on the suit! I put on the Morphsuit and my girlfriend sketched a line around the area that I wanted the neck to finish. Then we cut the head off the Morphsuit and then sewed up the zip runner so the zip wouldn't come off when unzipped.
Next step is making the logo stencil and spraying the body or making the mask.

11th July 2013: Stage 1 - Planning Stage one has been complete!
All the planning for the costume is done.
We decided to buy the Morphsuit, and that we are going to Cut off the head and spray paint the body.
We've also made concept art for what the finished product should like like.
I'm also debating on the idea of spraying water shoes green and cutting them off until we have the soles and gluing them to the bottom of the suit.

All in all, good progress. Now onto the next stage! The preparations!

Ranma1-2 avatar

Ranma1-2 - 16th July 2013
Love your idea for this. Im looking forward to seeing the suit after the artwork has been sprayed on. Good luck with your project. :)