Yoko Littner
Tengen Toppa Gurren Lagann

Cosplayer: Heorot

Variant: Autumnal

Status: Complete

Condition: Not Set

24th October 2014: J'ai fini For now..still wanna add the strap later and other details

23rd October 2014: Scope complete Really chuffed with this! At the mo I'm also doing lots of layers of pink for the 2 stripes at the top of the rifle.

23rd October 2014: Lady of the Googly Eyes That's me! I love these things and I'm using them for the scope. The biggest scope is the lid from an old Crayola Acrylic Paint set. Just need the larger eye painted green and the smaller red with a black outline.

22nd October 2014: Paint wip Got to flip and do the other side

22nd October 2014: Taper and scope are attached This is how its looking now! Tapers are getting another layer of Gesso and I will be getting pink paint and a dog lead for the strap

22nd October 2014: Tapers almost there Just need a few layers of Gesso then they're ready for painting

22nd October 2014: Taper and scope wip After much debate and a chat with my mum on if we can use the funnels for the tapers, we only ended up using one as it was so hard to cut and then modify accordingly. So I paper mache'd around the other two (pictured). The yellow diagram Pete (Kamina) drew out should explain what the funnel shape is for. They have x5 layers so hopefully it'll be strong enough. The scope is PVC pipe (cut from same as the main pipe section of the rifle)and x2 custom made wooden pieces from the same wood as the gun and butt (lool) of the rifle

21st October 2014: Progressssss Where I'm currrently at, probs 50%. Not sure if I'll take to Expo or not yet ;_;

EDIT: At 75% now, think I'm gonna make it :D

19th October 2014: Never afraid of what the future holds, never regretful of the present. So I have been working away on my rifle like crazy to get it done for Expo. I'm not going to have time to add bulk to the 'handgun' section unfortunately but I think it looks alright as it is.

3rd October 2014: Making inroads Aw yeeah

2nd October 2014: Rifle progress Did some more cutting for my rifle today :D Should have the main body all cut out tomorrow

29th September 2014: It can be a real pain being as tough as I am! Threaded the painted beads on to my top. The red leached onto them a bit but I kinda like the worn look

28th September 2014: Double man powerrrrr! Started cutting the wood and the pipe for my rifle today with mah bro - and got Dad to help for the last bit so thanks very much to him. He also found some thin wood for me in the loft that will be used for the triangle linking the butt (lool) to the main barrel.

25th September 2014: The dreams we left behind will open the door! Here's my lenses - covering myself because no make up. I know the pic looks shoop da woop but it does show 'em accurately in natural light I think

25th September 2014: I'll blast you away along with your cheap trap, so prepare yourself A bit more wip of my rifle in the planning stages - many thanks to Pete for his help ^-^ The triangle next to the butt (is that what its called? xD) will be made out of cardboard whilst everything else under the main pipe will be the wood that the pattern is ontop of

25th September 2014: My lenses arrived! and.. ..I'm starting on my rifle today~ Here it is in the planning stage. Pipe and wood already owned; the latter is heavy but I'd rather it be bottom heavy than top as the pipe is light as!

20th September 2014: Contact lenses This is what I ordered yesterday, hopefully they fit ok/nicely and show up!

21st April 2014: Leather: why Since yesterday I have been tidying up the split edges of my gloves and it's doing my head (and fingers) in. Looking forward to styling my wig tomorrow for a change of scenery

21st October 2013: Armwarmer By far the easiest task, cut a little hole in an old pair of tights c:

20th October 2013: General update x1 bangle is done (2 hr 30 drying time in total in which I had to keep the pressure on -.- & it took a bit longer since I messed up a bit on one of them so had to re-glue). Glad I didn't paint all six of the other googly eyes as I ended up only needing five after much deliberation on how many to use and spacing etc. I've done the first coat of paint on the other four and begun priming* my zip pulls; trying to do a Withnail..MAKING TIME xD

* 3 layers so far~

19th October 2013: Gem test Doing a practise of fabric gluing a googly eye to the same fabric I used for my bangles. I've set it in a round shape to mimick when I do it fo' real with the painted ones.

16th October 2013: Peanut butter pinning time~ Lawd this is gonna be awkward D:

16th October 2013: Even moar top wip So fiddly (oww my hand) but I honestly didn't think it would come out that well. Just gotta do the other cup then sew them both down ¤_¤

9th October 2013: More top WIP Still need to finish sewing the black down then I need to do the flames and make the strings black and red in the respective places
Ended up going for a bit of 'underboob' here..

9th October 2013: Bangles almost done :D Both pretty much the same; I did this one, my mum did the other. My first time using our sewing machine! Just need to glue them together/sew some velcro squares down

9th October 2013: Top WIP Before pinning the main part down; the flames have also been chalked onto the red fabric

8th October 2013: Top pattern Ready to be chalked on my red fabric, cut out and sewn on to an old bikini of mine once the black is also on said bikini.

It is worth noting that I went by the character reference sheet as the design in the anime seems to change :/

4th October 2013: Stud query Not sure whether to use the smaller or bigger ones for the bracelets...in the character sheet they seem medium sized

EDIT: Going with the smaller ones - thank you Simon..our Kamina was all "OMG JUST DECIDE" :|

3rd October 2013: Bangles progression Ready to be covered in stretchy black fabric on Mon. Tomorrow/Sunday I'm thinking of getting the googly eyes painted in prep for the bangles

EDIT: I had a last-minute gig booking on Monday so this is now happening tomorrow (9th), fingers x'd

22nd September 2013: WIP zip pulls Might change the top section but otherwise they're ready for gaps to be cut out and then good to prime+paint

22nd September 2013: WIP Bangles {update} Tidied up my mock patterns by properly measuring and straightening the edges of them. Next weekend (?) I'll begin constructing them ^^

21st September 2013: Bangle paper patterns EDIT: After researching in-depth, I now know how to do these :D They will be worn on/over the gloves as the gloves come down to my wrist which is where the bangles have to sit

21st September 2013: Zipper pull paper pattern This is a detail that didn't come with my boots that I want to add. Might also paint the 'teeth' silver to match the zip

8th September 2013: WIP gloves The right hand is obv the same but atm without the masking for the hole. I went with not making them too 'fingerless' to keep me a bit warmer when I'm outside.

7th September 2013: Ah...here we go The beginning of hand-studing my belt - props to my mum for helping me shorten it <3
Excuse the crappy pic, wouldn't let me upload the better one OTL

My other update from today is that my Kamina (1337Pete) kindly scaled up each individual piece of the rifle in accordance with the Expo rules. Luckily I already have the right size pipe for the base, now its just the case of gathering the other bits!

20th August 2013: Unpicking and realisation Started to take the studs out from yesterdays purchase; it's very easy with a flat knife and they go through the canvas belt I'm using for Yoko fine. Only drawback I discovered today is that I need to shorten the belt otherwise the studs prevent me from putting it on if that makes sense...so the extra length has to be trimmed. My ever go-to madre seems to know how to do it without ruining it so woo!

I also tried on the shorts and omg...muffin top much :( This really motivated me to get working out at least every other day if not a bit of something everyday and to be mindful of what I eat [I'm veggie anyway so that should help]. Our Kamina is getting pretty muscley [update: he has the start of a six pack!!!] so I need to do my part as well. On the bright side I'm very happy with my wig, scarf and hairpin and think the glasses and 'sticks look cool with the ensemble ^-^

16th August 2013: Stud sting & update Went to buy x40 studs from a Brighton shop yesterday (not going to name any names but feel free to ask me) and it came to over £14 (!?) D: Luckily I didn't have the correct amount on me in cash so I was directed to the nearest cash point which I thanked them for but didn't go to. Sorry but when I can get x50 for £2.15...I try to support these non-Amazon businesses (ooh politics) but when theyre not competitive I'm left with no choice. Going to check at the skater shop in town to see if they have the right size and colour if not I'll give in and buy the ones online. At least the £2.25 ones are from a Sussex based seller aka fairly local for me

I also should be getting my wig, hairpin and scarf early next week, fingers crossed it all goes smoothly

EDIT: Checked in the skater shop, it seems they have switched out selling studs for alt jewelry and I managed to find a belt in a charity shop for £2.00; the studs were smaller than the ones I was looking at getting but I think it will suit the belt I'm embellishing better than drowning it out with large studs. Plus I got a better deal than I would have online (I think)

CyanideCustard avatar

CyanideCustard - 4th July 2013
Oh wow you're gonna be cold fayefaye! XD

Inuyoku avatar

Inuyoku - 4th July 2013
Can't wait to see the progress! Row row fight da powahh

ToroSonyCat avatar

ToroSonyCat - 25th September 2013
This looks great so far! I love the wig and hair clip

adamphillip avatar

adamphillip - 9th October 2013
You look so cute so far, keep up the good work.

Zelvyne avatar

Zelvyne - 15th October 2013
Looking great :) You really suit Yoko

Namine avatar

Namine - 7th November 2013
looking good :D

cosplaymatt1 avatar

cosplaymatt1 - 30th November 2013
hello Simon here :D I wish we had dressed up fully for sunday and the vido / photos / gif , btw am I tripping over in the first segment of the GIF ? :O the flag make it look more badass right :D also congrats on being a youtube thumbnail.

Siouxsie James avatar

Siouxsie James - 21st January 2014
This is an awesome costume!!!

Heorot avatar

Heorot - 21st January 2014
Thank you muchly Saz ^-^

Ikkaku-kun avatar

Ikkaku-kun - 20th September 2014
How far you come with the Rifle? 8D costume looks mint :)

Heorot avatar

Heorot - 25th September 2014
See journal Ikkaku :) & thank you!