Lynette Bishop
Strike Witches

Cosplayer: Tsubasa Rei

Status: Complete

Condition: Not Set

AyaCon 2013

5th June 2013: Socks the biggest problem for any Lynne cosplay is the socks. I was never going to cosplay Lynette unless i could get the socks. after much searching, i found the socks i needed.

squeak avatar

squeak - 21st August 2013
i wanna do a lynette cosplay at some point in the future (maybe gender swapped, ) where did ya get the socks and v neck sweater from?

i dont mind making the jacket,

great job though! have you been out in it yet?

Tsubasa Rei avatar

Tsubasa Rei - 21st August 2013
the socks were an absolute bugger to find, but i found them here:

The V neck jumper was a lucky charity shop find.
the jacket was just a black ladies suit jacket (actually the same jacket i used for my Fate/Zero saber) with patches attached to it

And yes, it was worn, Ayacon 2013