Sheryl Nome
Macross Frontier

Cosplayer: Tsubasa Rei

Variant: Obelisk

Status: Complete

Condition: Not Set

5th June 2013: Lovely Jubblies So, I need large boobs and cleavage for this cosplay.
Here is a Kigurumi cosplayer with a handy technique. by using a loop of fishing line around the outside of their bodysuit, it can replicate the cleavage look.

I got a reel of fishing line, but discovered that it wasn't a clear colour. still, could at least test the concept.

5th June 2013: How it started. I wasn't thinking of cosplaying this version of Sheryl at first, the lack of clothing needed to hide the various bodyshaping underwear i normally use for crossplay, not to mention prominant cleavage.

However, following a Kigurumi cosplayer on facebook revealed a technique on how to recreate cleavage lines using a bodysuit and fishing line.

Ok, so that's cleavage and body covering. so what prompted me to go ahead and cosplay Obelisk.

is a wonderful cosplayer from the US who is currently located here in the UK. and while looking at her page one day, saw a for sale ad for... her Obelisk cloak. and that was the catalyst for this cosplay