Yuko Oshima

Cosplayer: Nachtangel

Variant: Heavy Rotation

Status: Complete

Condition: Not Set

Amecon 2018

13th July 2013: No HyperJapan ono Due to some set backs with the skirt and just a general lack of motivation I won't get this done for Hyper Japan, maybe Oct expo if I decide to go

10th June 2013: Something actually completed! I completed the microphone stand today. Having looked at many many many many pictures and frames from the MV I realised that they actually don't have a microphone in the stands (thankfully the one I brought was only £2 and can be used for something else I'm sure). I also found that they are wrapped in ribbon! Not wanting to make this cost too much I used one of the pipes from Kneesocks' scythe, cut it down to size, painted it pink (with added glitter!) and then wrapped around a small piece of dark pink shiny fabric I had from the Kimono I made for Panty (PSG cosplays coming in handy here) added a bit of red ribbon at the top and finally a small hair flower I got off ebay for £1. Really simple but looks pretty damn good and will make posing a lot easier. I may give it a base to it can stand on its own, but it's not top priority.
Actually super happy with this ^^

9th June 2013: Skirt - GO Decided to make some progress on this skirt once the extra newspaper fabric arrived. I pinned it all together to see what combination I wanted and to see how many I needed and then spent the rest of the day dyeing the fabric (you don't want to see my hands right now) hoping to put it together tomorrow once it's all dry, though I'm not going to complete it until closer as I want to work my ass off (literally) before HJ, 1 cause I want to lose weight and 2 cause the jacket for this is a little tight too and I'd like it to fit better.
I also painted the base colour on the microphone, I'll be making it a lot prettier soon ^^

2nd June 2013: More progress~ Expo is over, payday came and then all my materials arrived! I've got everything for the skirt (though I've just brought extra newspaper material) and have been working on the jacket. You can't see due to my mannequin being black but I have changed the shape of the jacket and collar. I've added velcro on one of the shoulders for the shoulder pad thingys to connect too (next one to be added tomorrow) and have completed one of the pocket flaps. Both arms also have the cord added around the cuff, I'm waiting to buy buttons (The ones I wanted have gone from ebay sobs) to then add the little cuff detail thingys which I still dont know their name. By tomorrow I should have added the second shoulder pad and finished the other pocket flap too as well as have some progress on the microphone stand 8D

17th May 2013: Progress Nails are complete, I'm super happy with them, the stars are so cute! I've been working on the button strips and have done the back one, and almost all of the cuff ones. I've found an old jacket that I haven't worn in years so I'm using it as my base. Once my black thread arrives I'll add the cord detail to the cuffs as pictured and add one of the shoulder pads. Once I've brought more studs I can finish the 2nd one as well as work on the pocket flaps.
I don't want to start making the front panel just yet as the jacket is a bit snug, but I've been losing a lot of inches recently (though I had to stop working out so I dont get too small for sugar rush before expo XD) so I'll fit into it soon. I've also found some old boots that I can add the tassel trim to as well!

15th May 2013: Nails As I really wanted to do something on this cosplay I started a fake set of nails last night, same with the Sugar Rush ones. I've ordered some little stick on stars to go on the coloured ones so they'll be finsihed soon. I also continued working on the button detail (I really dont know what to call them) a combination of fray check and fabric glue seems to be working with the ribbon (my attempt to sew it on went terribly wrong) All they need is the buttons adding (still need to be ordered) but otherwise going well. 2 out of 14 complete!

14th May 2013: Start I started working on this while I couldn't work on Sugar Rush and have almost completely the shoulder detail. Since this photo was taken I've added ribbon around the top and have started the other one (though I ran out of studs so its only half done). I also started on the jacket sleeve detail, the three um things (i dont know the technical name for them) with buttons on, as they seem to have a slight sparkle I covered black fabric with that sparkly netting and then will add the ribbon. I'm having trouble with the ribbon as it looks a little messy folded or cut into pieces. I may buy a cord instead and see how that works orz. I've got all the things I need in my ebay basket (more trim and material and dyes for the skirt) however its coming to about £50 so I'll probably have to wait till payday before I can get more done.