Alvin and the Chipmunks

Cosplayer: Fizzykat

Status: Complete

Condition: Not Set

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1st April 2009: fur!!!!! ive glued all the fur on alvin's head!! it must have taken me about 2 hours! but im really pleased!! next job is to make the nose and teeth out of fimo!

27th March 2009: Alvin head with foam! i have been gluing on and carving out foam shapes for alvin's nose, mouth and cheeks. for now the mouth is going to be fixed as i only have 3 weeks until my charity event and i cant get my head round how to make a moving jaw for a cartoon head. there are easy tutorials everywhere for wolf or dog heads but nothing for cartoon faced costumes. plus my boyfriend is wearing this to the charity event and then im wearing it to london expo. im sure we have different sized when im going to wear it i will either edit the head i have now OR just start again.

25th March 2009: head building started building the head. i decided to use two hanging baskets as the base because they are strong and alot lighter than the wire mesh. i am now going to build up the cheeks and nose using foam before i cover it in fur.

16th March 2009: Hoody! hoody is finished! i got lucky with making the hood shape up! yay!! looks great! next i will make gloves and feet!!

16th March 2009: been busy busy busy! i couldnt wait to make a start on the alvin hoody! i mad it extra large for ultimate baggyness! i used a jumper pattern to make it but the pattern has no hood. i will just make that bit up. just need to cut out the 'A' with the yellow felt and stich it on!!

13th March 2009: the legs i have bought all of the fabric i need and i have started to make those extra baggy furry trousers for the legs. i am going to line them and put stuffing in between the lining and the fur to pad them out. next i will make the big red jumper! im not sure if i will make it as a hoody though or have a normal jumper and a hat....the jumper is going to be made from red fleece.

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Anonymous - 16th March 2009
L. O. L.



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Anonymous - 23rd March 2009
I'm so sorry to hear about your cousin, but I think you are a wonderful person for doing so much to help! On top of that, the costume is fantastic so far - I've always wanted an Alvin hoody!! So amazing :D x

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MangaChild - 2nd April 2009
Im sure your cousin would love this costume :D

Its sooo full of retro goodness XD

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nanahara - 2nd April 2009
just too epic for words ^^

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Freyarule - 16th May 2009


Better be wary. >3

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Anonymous - 4th July 2009
omg that is gonna be awesome xD I so have to get a photo of that

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ThisIsLisaB - 24th July 2009
Clic Sergant recently came to our school for an Enterprise day, and we're currently raising money for them. A good charity to work for.

Brilliant cosplay, it's such a great idea! Looking forward to this at expo!

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rosieroo - 26th June 2011
this is adorable - very sweet x

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Anonymous - 27th September 2011
OMg adorable I wanna snuggle you