Lady Oscar François de Jarjayes
Rose of Versailles

Cosplayer: LadyEmber

Variant: blue officer uniform

Status: In Progress

Condition: Not Set

21st April 2013: So now Her wig has arrived and nightshadowfall delivered my jacket to me. A couple of small changes need to be made to the fit but it's absolutely lovely. So much hand embroidery!! <3

I have my eye on a pair of boots that seem perfect and then I shall be buying white jodpurs and then finally it'll be the accessories.

I honestly can't wait for this costume


1st May 2011: And so a new costume begins I changed my mind from my original plan of doing her white uniform, instead opting for her blue, no particular reason behind it though.

Oscar is going to be a summer project / something ongoing as I haven't particularly got any specific event I'd like to wear her to in mind, it'll all really depend on when I finish working on her.

I've sorted pretty much all of where I'm getting the different elements of her outfit from, except from her wig. That I'm taking my time over because I think I'm going to style it myself.

I shall also be constructing her sword myself, my brain's already provided me with a couple of ideas on how it can be made (fingers crossed they'll work XD )

Keep your eye on here because it'll probably be where I'm updating my progress, probably more often than my deviantart... []

Ja ne, Sasu x

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No thanks - 22nd April 2013

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ToroSonyCat - 23rd April 2013
Wonderful cosplay!