The Atwill Sisters

Cosplayer: Fizzykat

Variant: Original Design

Status: Complete

Condition: Not Set

This costume has not been worn at any events yet.

31st May 2013: expo! expo was so much fun in may! gonna take these to Ayacon in August too, just need to finish them!, i want to re-make the staff as they were too heavy! and make some shoes/boots. Also the wing on the back, although i am re-thinking how to make that too. :)

20th April 2013: Wing Wing progress, I have now carved the foam into shape, next I will fill in any holes and then paint

20th April 2013: Moon This will be the moon that sits on top my staff

20th April 2013: Headband complete It's complete' the jewel inside the wing lights up

15th April 2013: Gradient dye tails I have gradient dyed the tails! I think they look great

15th April 2013: Tail progress The tails are made from 100% pure silk

15th April 2013: Headband wings Started spraying these with white gloss spray

15th April 2013: Wing progress These need carving into shape and then lights adding to them

13th April 2013: Headband progress and. Wig Here is the headband with the lights and moon

13th April 2013: Staff I'm using expanding foam to make the big moon on top the staff

13th April 2013: Back wing I've started making this with expanding foam, once dry I will cover with plaster so that I will be able to paint it

13th April 2013: Wing headband I sprayed theses with a silver undercoat but will spray again with white gloss

13th April 2013: Sprayed silver Used chrome spray paint

13th April 2013: Breast plate This is made from worbla

6th April 2013: Wing headband Ive bought some worbla from coscraft to make the wings, it's great stuff! Cool to be lightweight and hard, just difficult to mould into certain shapes but I'm sure with practice it will be possible to look good. Take a look at the photo for my 1st attempt

17th March 2013: lycra is a bitch to sew!!! getting very fustrated with my sewiing maching and this bloody lycra suit!! nearly there though :)

3rd March 2013: front panels ill add the details on as i go along, like the wing pattern and moon on the legs

3rd March 2013: pattern cut out ive started to cut out the pattern. it was quite complicated, i had to cut up the sewing pattern that i bought into the different panels that i wanted. this is a picture of the back panels

3rd March 2013: head band i bought a cheap plain headband from the fabric shop, im covering it with the dark blue lycra.

26th February 2013: For the train I bought this lovely pure silk for the train at the back on the suit, I also bought some rit dye so that I can gradient dye it.

26th February 2013: For the train I bought this lovely pure silk for the train at the back on the suit, I also bought some rit dye so that I can gradient dye it.

26th February 2013: Fabrics So excited to start this now, just been out and bought all of this awesome lycra

21st February 2013: sewing pattern purchased! got a patteren to make the unitards :), ill be using figure A

17th February 2013: 10th stage final design, i may make some changes when making but this is the aim

17th February 2013: 9th stage pretty much a final design

17th February 2013: 8th stage love it!!!!

17th February 2013: 7th stage playing with colours

17th February 2013: 6th stage i decided i wanted to make them more furturistic

17th February 2013: 5th stage head dress design

17th February 2013: 4th stage this would have been a white corset with gradient skirt

17th February 2013: 3rd stage i liked the idea of gradient colours

17th February 2013: 2nd Stage basic design, the dits would be little crystals

17th February 2013: 1st stage the first idea in my head

17th February 2013: The design me and my sister have been running out of ideas for costumes to do as a pair, so we hve decided to design our own! these characters are sisters that inspiered by the sun and the moon. all of the drawings are designed by myself Kirsty Atwill and belong to me so please do not take them and re post them anywhere.

Darkiekun avatar

Darkiekun - 5th March 2013
Love the designs I cant wait to see them finished ^^

Ilpala avatar

Ilpala - 31st May 2013
Very nice original designs :)

BlueberryTale avatar

BlueberryTale - 28th October 2013
Beautiful designs, great job!