Kagamine Rin (on hold)

Cosplayer: UchihaMonster

Variant: Alice Human Sacrifice

Status: In Progress

Condition: Not Set

12th January 2014: Retry! Yes! I'm finally back to working on this cosplay!! :D
Although, a slight change of plan has been made.... I shall be changing it from Kagamine Len, to Kagamine Rin! Meaning: Skirt instead of shorts and, obviously, a Rin wig.
I am going to buy a wig from one of my friends and I shall be using my school skirt as the skirt. Also, the apron will be from my Maid!Hungary cosplay since that one is of higher quality. Furthermore, I shall try to create the signature Rin headband/bow... Can't promise anything though! xD

Yours sincerely,

23rd February 2013: Shorts and Apron So. Yesterday I bought the trousers (Sainbury's Basics, £6) and today I went over to my friend's house and made the apron! I also just finished the shorts! :D The line of the hem is looking a bit messy because of the machine malfunctioning so I might use the yellow bits to cover it up. Other than that, all going to plan! Now I just need the plain white socks, tie and possibly shoes and I'll be all finished! :D Just need the wig, though... ^^;


20th February 2013: Fail shorts are fail... I had a try at making shorts from scratch yesterday out of a fleece blanked that I had... I'm never making shorts from scratch ever again. They are evil. They are trickier than they look. Seriously! Definitely won't be using it... I'll just go back to the original plan.


14th February 2013: Shirt and waistcoat! I went to British Heart Foundation today and was searching for some trousers to make into the shorts (long story short; school trousers were thrown out) and I found a lovely waistcoat that would be perfect! I also saw a perfect shirt so I bought them both for a grand total of £7! Whereas online, it would have been more than £20 at least! Pleased with this! I may or may not add more detail to the shirt. I might make the cuffs yellow. Although, I wouldn't be able to use them for my Hungary cosplay then... I might just leave it like that! :)


11th February 2013: Shorts I've got my old school trousers that I will cut down into the shorts! :) I'm going to hem them, too. This cosplay should hopefully be finished by March or April. :)


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DarkShodowOwner - 12th March 2014
Is really good looking forward to it.