Magi - Labyrinth of Magic

Cosplayer: WhiteWraith

Status: Complete

Condition: Not Set

AyaCon 2013

13th June 2014: - Re-making some parts of this costume for a shoot.
The head piece fell apart so I've started to re-make that, learnt my lesson and using foam to strengthen the worbla.
Some parts of the tops need fixing too.

11th August 2013: Almost complete This costume is pretty much complete, just waiting for paint to dry on the spear so I can assemble it and done!
This costume has made me curse a great deal but I am quite proud of the outcome :)

11th August 2013: Ribbon complete Took a long time to hand paint this. Not got much left to do, a few bits left to sew and just the spear to paint and assemble.

10th August 2013: Head piece Made the head piece from worbla, first time using this material but I really like it! It's the best made thing but I'm happy with it, just needs painting now.

8th August 2013: Progress Trousers are now made thanks to a load of help from Kila :D
Paint deatailing on ribbon is nearly done and I'm almost ready to paint the spear, FINALLY. Not got a huge deal left to do :)

4th August 2013: WIP photo (Missing the wrap here as I'm waiting for paint on it to dry)
I'm aware it looks messy but once it's on it sits properly. Happier with it than I was.

4th August 2013: More progress Finished the wrap, had some difficulty with thinking of how to fasten it but used poppers in the end because it was easier!
Started painting the ribbon that sits on top of his overcoat, going to take a long time.

3rd August 2013: Progress Completed the overcoat, looks better now and I'm happier with it.
Starting to sew up the wrap, had a little trouble with sizing because of hips x3
But should look okay once done. Hoping to take a WIP photo.
Going to start making the trousers either today or tomorrow, never made trousers before so not sure how they will turn out!

1st August 2013: Progress Overcoat is sewn up but needs some extra work.
Spear head is nearly sanded down but needs some more filler added in places. decorative bits have arrived/been cut out ready to piece together.
Made a patter for his wrap/final layer ready to be sewn up and decorated with fabric paint.
getting fabric for trousers tomorrow.
Hoping to get most of this outfit done by Monday.

29th July 2013: Costume progress Shirt is finally made, not 100% happy with it but no time now to make it from scratch! But at least it's done I guess.
Making a pattern for his overcoat/second layer but ever ref picture is different so I'm just going with whatever is easiest to make! Hoping to get that and the final layer/obi wrap? thing done today as well!

22nd July 2013: Costume start Ayacon is getting ever closer and I have finally started on his costume.
Made the pattern for his shirt, very fiddly with the front piece but I'm hoping to manage to sew it all up today and not screw it up.

30th June 2013: Spear progress Need to sand down filler and add paint and the spear head is done. After that I just need to get some decorative bits and put it all together and finished :)

23rd June 2013: Spear progress Finished layering paper mache on. Have put one layer of polyfiller on it to try and smooth out all bumps but think I will need to put on a another layer of filler before I can sand it and paint it, nearly there!

17th June 2013: Spear Spear WIP. Pipe needs another layer of paint and foam needs to be covered in paper mache. Need to add circular part so I can attach tassels.

27th March 2013: Wig test Wig arrived, I love it! Unstyled, just put it on for some quick photos.

InfiniteJester avatar

InfiniteJester - 28th May 2013
Yes, can't wait to see this!

WhiteWraith avatar

WhiteWraith - 28th May 2013
I am so excited to finally do this :D

KiraraYumi avatar

KiraraYumi - 4th August 2013
I cannot wait to see this <3

WhiteWraith avatar

WhiteWraith - 4th August 2013
Thanks lovely <3
Excited to get photos with your Mor!