Cosplayer: princesircastic

Variant: Kid

Status: Complete

Condition: Not Set

30th March 2013: Final touches The last things I need to do (other than tidy up some threads here and there) are the wrist-cuff things he wears. I couldn't get a decent screencap of them so I'm going by what I can see and guessing the rest - and all I could see was red and silver, so that's what I went with. Nothing fancy, just silver pleather and red cotton mix, given a little shape and strength by a strip of cardboard.

Only done one so far as getting the needle through those layers (and after eight and a half hours of hand-sewing before that) has killed my hands, so I'll be taking a break and will finish the other one tomorrow, perhaps.

30th March 2013: Belt - complete After many, many long hours of hand sewing, my belt for the tunic is finally complete~
I used the same brown cotton mix as the braid for the base of the belt, and then this wonderful black pvc-esque fabric labelled "shark fin" for the top layer. It's only attached at one end (I'm still considering adding a few stitches at the back) so I can pull it a little tighter once the tunic is on, to help give the whole thing the right shape, and I've gone with velcro to attach it together because it's easiest.

22nd March 2013: Tunic - mostly complete UGH FINALLY SOME PROGRESS. I've had the fabric sitting around for ages but I've only just found the time to start. I haven't entirely finished his tunic yet but it's mostly complete and I'll be finishing off probably on Monday if I can. We'll see.

I'm especially proud of the brown braid-like collar. This is why I'm a self proclaimed genius.

HarryKurt avatar

HarryKurt - 19th January 2013
I really hope I see this at Expo! Great costume choice. :)

HarryKurt avatar

HarryKurt - 22nd March 2013
The tunic looks brilliant! I saw the pictures on tumblr and the braided front looks great, as does the red section of the collar. I'm excited to see this when it's all together! :D

Nachtangel avatar

Nachtangel - 23rd March 2013
babby Thor is looking great! <3

princesircastic avatar

princesircastic - 23rd March 2013
Thank you ;_;

Quetiz avatar

Quetiz - 23rd March 2013
Hope I come across you there D:
Progress is looking good so far :D

Izzy Cosplay avatar

Izzy Cosplay - 23rd March 2013
omg baby thoorrr


princesircastic avatar

princesircastic - 26th March 2013
@Quetiz - thank you! Just look out for me on the Saturday and I'm sure you'll find me~


Captain_Marvelous avatar

Captain_Marvelous - 26th March 2013
Loving the Progress :) will have to hunt you down for a Pic when im Adult Thor :)

Einmyria avatar

Einmyria - 26th March 2013
That's awesome!! can't wait to see it ^^

HarryKurt avatar

HarryKurt - 26th March 2013
Looks great! It's really come together! :D