Black Lagoon

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3rd August 2009: Tattoo Test I bought some printable tattoo paper as an alternative to hours of painting on a convention morning, and ran a quick test for Revy's tattoo. Obviously not the entire tattoo is shown in the photo, just a section to test. The tattoo itself also needs the lines neatening up, but I wasn't going to spend time doing that till I knew it worked :P

I'm pleased with the results, though it was shiny and crinkled when my arm moved lol. For a dry run test it went well. I hope it survives ok when wearing a lot of it and it being on my neck. I might take mastix or something to fight against any peeling >_>

It does feel kind of like wearing a sheet of plastic fused to your arm tho xD I must admit. (And a bugger to get off)

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Manjou - 3rd August 2009
I like how your Tatto's looking, how long did that take to apply? The one I did for Asuka_UK took nearly an hour! :(

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DarkElf - 4th August 2009
Thanks Manjou :) it took literally minutes to apply! That's the beauty of printable tattoo transfer paper :D and why I chose it cos Revy's tattoo is huge, as you know from painting one, so I didn't want to be have to spend hours painting it on. Also it's completely smudge proof so the design will stay perfect. (the design there is a blown up exact copy from a page in the manga)

It's not without it's drawbacks though; I may peel a little on the day around the edges and it looks crinkled when I move but hopefully the crinkle will only be noticable from close-up. Also it's shiny haha (I might put a bit of talc on to help remove the shine). I think the pro's of using transfer paper outweigh the cons though, I was pleased with the result :)

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Manjou - 4th August 2009
Which page in the Manga? I had to stitch together multiple pictures to get at least a coherent design ^^;

We experimented with tattoo paper too but without much success :( Glad it went so well for you :)

We ended up using only of those CO2 spray on tattoo kits and a stencil, it takes a long time to apply but it's flexible and it doesn't come off.

A bit of talc would work really well I think, that's what we used to seal the ink it's pretty effective ^^

What day are you planning on wearing your Revy? ^^

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DarkElf - 4th August 2009
It was a page from when Roberta was first in the manga. When her and Revy 1st cross paths at the bar when Revy orders a Pepsi. It's the only really good shot of the side of her arm. The best shot of her neck tattoo I've found is from way early in the manga, from just before Revy challenges Rock to the drinking contest. The rest I will have to peice together in a similar vein to how you did ^^; just from lots of bits of panels lol

I thought of looking into one of the stencil sprayers. I also looked at tattoo pens but again that would have meant drawing it on and the amount of time that would have taken... x_x

At the moment I'm planning on wearing Revy on Sunday ^^

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RanmaSyaoran - 11th November 2009
I LOVE Black Lagoon!