Lady Harken
Wild Arms

Cosplayer: Amy-Lou

Variant: Original game version

Status: Complete

Condition: Retired

There May Not Be Enough Prizes award @ Minamicon 14

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1st March 2008: WHAT I LEARNT
-Retro games hate us and only release one picture of your character obscuring the front of the costume!

-Use the same colour funky foam as the final colour, it saves a lot of hassle. The shop I used didn't sell white, so I used yellow as the closest match. Even after two coats of paint the yellow showed through (worst on detail work).

-No matter how long ago you sprayed it, pack the pieces in separate bags before packing for the con. Red marks on white bands >.<

-Contact adhesive reacts with paint; be neat with your gluing. Anywhere the glue had squidged out from under a layer the paint would not settle, thankfully there were only a few small areas this happened.

-Dust will attack your drying PVA, only really a problem if your making something white.

-Jump suits are silly, especially Santa ones!

7th January 2008: The knee guards are two similar diamonds slightly moulded under heat to curve over the knee vertically. The top layer is riveted in place like a bridge to always stick out. Secured with buckles and elastic.

The egg that hides the belt buckle was made from some easter egg packaging spray painted on the inside with permanent marker for the line on the outside. I then stuck a funky foam ring around it and added some belt loops. The paint warped the plastic and I was hoping to do this some other way, but ran out of time, so alas it stayed.

The head wings were attached to the wig by long safety pins mounted on the back.

The scythe is made of one 5mm layer of polyboard sprayed silver with two more layers glued on top for the hilt sprayed gold. The vein detail was made with a glue gun; let the last layer dry then work over the top to get it to really stick out.
The handle was a super cheap aluminium curtain rail from Homebase with polystyrene balls painted with gold acrylic (anything with solvents will dissolve them, no spray paint!)

6th January 2008: All of the armour was glued with contact adhesive for strong, smooth joins and instant stick (no holding awkward curves in place while it dries. Details were made with more layers of Funky Foam. The FF was coated in about 8 layers of PVA glue to get a shiny toughened effect before spraying over with paint. Plastic bags and masking tape kept the red and white spray paint neat.

For the chest piece I used a bodice top pattern for the shape of the panels and added piping down the front seams. It was secured by elastic straps from 6 buckles in a harness effect.

For the leg guards I drew around my leg profile and cut two panels with half the curve of the profile. For the arms I used one sheet cut into a truncated cone shape. I then glued strips on top to get the ridged effect and used rivets to lace them up.

The skirt flaps were made in three sections simply because I could not buy big enough sheets of funky foam. This also meant I had to have join lines in the top layers, which was fiddly as they had to be glued on once the base layer had been bent into shape. I filled any gaps with splinters of funky foam.
There are three belt loops on the inside at the top and a roll of foam at the hip to make them stick out rather than hang at my sides.

To keep the cape in place it was sewn into pleats so it could never fall wider than my shoulders.

The collar and shoulder guard were covered in red pleather instead of painted as I thought the cape might start to rub. I also used pleather for the front flap as I need to be able to walk, so funky foam was out of the question.

MangaChild avatar

MangaChild - 20th April 2008

Why hasn't anyone commented on this yet!?!?

Such a well constructed cos with tonnes of fantastic detail you have some great photos which compliment you really well

Aint references ever a royal pain in the ... buy you look like you stepped right out of the art work and on to the masquerade floor.

UnaSpi avatar

UnaSpi - 20th August 2008


Oh wow!

I have no words, other than jeeeesus christ that's awesome!

Amy-Lou avatar

Amy-Lou - 25th August 2008
Thank you for the lovely comments :D

Retro Power!

Unknown member avatar

Anonymous - 13th March 2009
I remember you! Hope to see you again next minami!


Sephirayne avatar

Sephirayne - 14th March 2009
Epic cosplay. Love the armour work. Yes, I agree that retro stuff is a pain when it comes to ref. Lol!

j_mercuryuk avatar

j_mercuryuk - 3rd November 2010
Amazing!! I love you, she was a great character from an awesome game and you did her justice! You look great.

Debbie Ella avatar

Debbie Ella - 14th March 2011
Oh wow, that's really cool! The armour bits on this is really nice. ^_^

perfectly_purple avatar

perfectly_purple - 16th March 2011
Wow! Looks wicked! :D