Riku Kamijou
DOLLS Naked Ape

Cosplayer: Neverforever

Variant: Blue and White

Status: Complete

Condition: Not Set

This costume has not been worn at any events yet.

InfiniteJester avatar

InfiniteJester - 27th December 2012
Yes, I approve!

Suzuki avatar

Suzuki - 8th January 2013
Look forward to this project! DOLLS is my dream cosplay..

Neverforever avatar

Neverforever - 23rd January 2013
Thank you! ^^
@Suzuki - same here, I've wanted to do it for so long but just always put it off ^^; but fingers crossed hopefully this year! xD

soibro avatar

soibro - 25th August 2013
Yesssss <3 we should deffo arrange to do DOLLS on the same day at kita pls!! <3

BladeyCakes avatar

BladeyCakes - 25th August 2013
Oooft yes <3

Neverforever avatar

Neverforever - 26th August 2013
Soibro~ yes please!! Even if I have to do a quick change this shall happen <3
X-Blade-X ~ lol thank you~